Informal Letter Writing ICSE 2003

You wish to become a journalist while your parents want you to become a doctor. This Informal Letter was asked in ICSE 2003 board exam. You can find Previous Year Informal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Informal Letter Writing ICSE 2003

1/153, Vijay Khand,
Gomti Nagar,
Lucknow – 226010.
20th May 2003

My dear Mummy,

I was overjoyed to receive your long awaited letter yesterday. Reading it brought forth pleasant memories and made me homesick for a while. My studies are going on at an even pace. Next year, as you rightly pointed out in your letter, I would have to choose from the elective subjects of Mathematics, Biology or Arts.

I sincerely value your advice, for taking up Biology for pursuing a career in medicine. There is indeed no doubt that a doctor’s profession is very noble, but I somehow do not have any inclination or aptitude for Biology. I find it boring, especially the dissection part is quite nauseating. Moreover, I do not score good marks in this subject.

On the other hand, I score good marks in English language and literature. I got the highest marks in English language, because of which I have been made the editor of the school magazine, which is to come out shortly. Besides this, a number of my articles have been published in the local edition of the ‘Times of India’. This has encouraged me to pursue a career in journalism, which I find very interesting and challenging.

Journalism as a profession is also very noble and respectable. The press is the fourth state in a democracy. It serves as a watchdog, safeguarding our freedom. By becoming a journalist, I would get an opportunity to serve the nation, by highlighting important social and national issues. I would also be able to protect the common men, from exploitation and injustice.

There is ample scope for growth in this profession, with tremendous potential in the print and electronic media. There is good opportunity to show one’s creativity, and hence offers great job satisfaction. Moreover, journalists have easy access to the high and mighty bureaucrats and politicians. They are respected for their views and make a valuable contribution to the society. Many great men including Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Radhakrishnan, began their career as a journalist.

I would therefore seek your blessing to pursue this career, for which I have a natural liking. Please give my regards to Daddy, and love to my dear brother Rohit.

Your affectionate son,


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