Informal Letter Writing ICSE 1997

Write a letter to your friend telling him/her of an incident in which you played a heroic role. This Informal Letter was asked in ICSE 1997 board exam. You can find Previous Year Informal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Informal Letter Writing ICSE 1997

B 24, Mahanagar,
30th October 2000

My dear Rita,

You would be shocked to know about the ordeal I had to face last week. I am yet to recover from the incident that took place last Saturday night.

I was alone with my mother, for my father had gone out of station on an official assignment. We were watching the television, when the call bell rang and my mother opened the door. All of a sudden three young ruffians forced their entry into the house. They held my mother at gunpoint and demanded the keys of the locker from her. While she was in the process of locating the keys, I got an opportunity of distracting the ruffian and knocked the pistol out of his hand. My shout of help made them panic. This was something they had not anticipated. Being taken aback they took to their heel, but not before I caught the leg of one of the desperadoes. 1 clung with all my might, as he desperately tried to free himself.

Hearing the commotion the neighbours came to my rescue. The desperado was overpowered and handed over to the police. I had become a hero overnight as press correspondents and cameramen crowded around me for an interview. This was splashed in the newspapers the next morning. I also learn that I have been chosen for the bravery award which is given to children on Republic Day.

I am happy and thank God for delivering us from the ordeal unscathed. I would like you to come to Delhi, and share my moment of glory,

Give my regards to uncle and aunty.

Your friend,


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