Formal Letter Writing ICSE 2007

A company has been marketing spurious medicines behind claims. This Formal Letter was asked in ICSE 2007 board exam. You can find Previous Year Formal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 2007

1/153 Vijay Khand
Gomti Nagar
10th April 2007

Dmg Controller General
Directorate of Health Services
10 Lodi Road
New Delhi – 110003

Dear Sir,

Subject : Spurious medicines being marketed by X Y Z Pharmaceuticals

I would like to draw your immediate attention to the misleading claims being made by XYZ Pharmaceuticals, about a drug which they claim to be effective in preventing avian flu, or other forms of influenza. They are marketing this drug in the name of ‘Xeon’, and have launched a massive campaign in the media, to promote the sale of this medicine.

I became a victim of their propaganda, and purchased this medicine last month, in the wake of the avian flu scare, that had gripped the city. To my horror, I found myself stricken with influenza, and had to seek immediate medical attention from Dr V K. Narayan, my family doctor. I learnt from him, that the claim made by the company is highly exaggerated. This is because presently there is no drug that can actually prevent avian flu. There could be thousands of other innocent people like me, who may have fallen victim to this spurious drug. Moreover it could lead to serious side effects, jeopardising the health of people.

I would request you to have the matter investigated, and restrain the company from marketing such spurious medicines by making false claims.

Yours sincerely,
K.P Singh


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