Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1998

Write a letter to the Manager of your local bus depot. This Formal Letter was asked in ICSE 1998 board exam. You can find Previous Year Formal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1998

45 Vijay Khand
Gomti Nagar
Lucknow – 226010
9th July 1998

The Depot Manager
Local Bus Depot

Dear Sir,

Subject : Inadequate number of buses in Route no. 1

I would like to draw your kind attention, to the plight of daily commuters travelling in the city buses on route number one, which operates from the airport to Chinhat. The buses are inadequate in number and are invariably late, especially during peak morning hours.

The number of buses plying on this route, is incommensurate to the population of the colonies around the airport. Since this is the only mode of transport, for the residents, the buses are perpetually overcrowded. The office goers and the college students can be seen lined up for hours at the bus stop, waiting for buses to come, which are invariably late. The few buses that come are overcrowded. The plight of lady commuters is inexplicable. Taking advantage of the situation antisocial elements, like pickpockets have a field day.

I request you to kindly increase the number of buses and monitor their punctuality. I solicit your help in easing the difficulty of the much aggrieved daily commuter.

Yours truly,
K. K. Singh.