Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1985

As the secretary of your school dramatics club. This Formal Letter was asked in ICSE 1985 board exam. You can find Previous Year Formal Letter Writing asked in ICSE board exams.

Formal Letter Writing ICSE 1985

Dramatics Club
Public School
6th October 1985

The Editor
The Daily


Subject : Request for giving publicity to our play titled ‘Corruption’

I would like to inform, that St Josephs High School Dramatics Club, is staging a play titled ‘Corruption’, in Ravindralaya on the 10th of November at 6 PM. The play dwells on the evil of corruption and its effect on the common man. It vividly portrays the plight of the middle class youth, and their disillusionment with the society, plagued by this vice. The play also subtly conveys a social message, that would stir the conscience of the common man, and serve as a beacon of light to the youth.

It has been scripted by the renowned playwright Mr Muzaffar Ali, with screenplay and direction by the famous dramatist Mr Gulzar. The students of the club have put in tremendous hard work, for the last over one month in perfecting the play. We are sure that the general public would appreciate our effort, for it deals with issues which are very close to their heart.

To help us create social awareness of this evil, we would request you to kindly give wide publicity to the play, through your October newspaper in the events column. The tickets are nominally priced, so that it is within the reach of the common man. The proceeds of the play shall be donated to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

We look forward to your help, by giving good exposure to this maiden endeavour of our club. This will besides boosting our morale, also help in contributing to a noble cause.

Thanking you!

Yours truly,
Rajan Singh


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