How Many Muscles Are In The Human Body?

Total 35%-40% of weight in our body is because of muscles. Muscles mainly are important in the movement of the body. Nearly 700 muscles are present in our body, which are divided amongst three main categories:-

  • Visceral muscle is the weakest muscle also known as involuntary muscle that is controlled by the unconscious part of mind. Its main function is to make muscles contract in order to make easier substances to move through the organs.
  • Cardiac muscle is the muscle which is found only in the heart. Cardiac muscle cannot be controlled by our mind hence it is also referred to as involuntary. Its main function is to help pumping of heart in order to pump blood throughout the body.
  • Skeletal muscle is the only muscle that our mind can control. It is directly related to our body’s physical movement.
  • It simply controls whatever we do like walking, talking, moving etc. i.e. every physical action that we do consciously is due to skeletal muscle.