An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind Meaning

An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind Meaning

what is the meaning of”an eye for an eye only ends up making the world blind”? and give one example in the world today.

I think that this statement is saying that taking revenge is a bad idea.  It is saying that if you take revenge (like by taking an eye for an eye), you just end up hurting everyone.

I think we can see that in a lot of cases in our world.  Countries or groups think that every time something is done to them, they have to do it back.  One example I can think of is our own political parties.  Starting about 20 years ago, it seems like they have been taking revenge on each other all the time.

One party gets into power and abuses the other.  Then the other gets into power and takes revenge.  This has led to the parties being totally unable to get along with each other even when it would be good for us if they did.  In this way, their revenge has made them all blind.

The phrase “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is used frequently to describe an approach of revenge and of disposing justice in which, people retaliate toward any harm done or losses incurred by them, by trying to cause equal harm to anyone seen to be the cause of the harm.

An approach like this tends to increase enmity and ill feeling towards each other among all people. A person may cause some harm to another unintentionally and perhaps without any fault on his or her part. It is also possible that a individual who is seen as the perpetrator of the harm has not caused it at all. But when the attitude of the people is to retaliate and take revenge in equal measure, the party harmed initially will inflict similar harms on the party supposed to be the cause of the harm.

Unfortunately the party thus becoming the target of retaliation is not likely to accept the retaliation as justified, and will indulge in counter retaliation. Thus a never ending chain of retaliation and counter retaliation will be started resulting in widespread violence and fight among people. Everyone in the society will be hurt seriously by such approach.

Figuratively we say that if we try to take an eye of a person or his near or dear one because he or she has caused me or my near and dear one to loose an eye, the other person will react in similar manner and this will start a chain reaction leading to people from both the warring factions becoming blind. And if this principle is adopted by all the people in the world the entire world will become blind.