Reflective Essay Topic – Your Ambition In Life

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Reflective Essay Topic – Your Ambition In Life

Introduction: Need for an ambition

  • My ambition; Why is it my ambition
  • How I plan to achieve it

Conclusion: Firm resolve to achieve it

We are all familiar with the proverb ‘Hitch your wagon to a star. ’ The logic behind it is simple. If we do not aspire for something great, we shall not strive for it and consequently lead a life of ignominy. The autobiographies of great men reveal their dreams very early in life, of what they would do or become.

Such dreams are different from daydreaming, for in the words of William Shakespeare, “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.” Hence one must not only dream but also work relentlessly to achieve and realise it.

I too have a dream, an ambition of becoming a doctor. Besides being a noble profession, it also commands a lot of respect in the society. The white coat and the stethoscope mesmerised me since childhood. The sense of empathy and confidence that a doctor inspires in a patient, mitigates his suffering. People look up to him as a messiah. No matter how big or powerful a person may be, he invariably does fall sick and has to seek the doctor’s help.

There are many other professions that offer more money, power and glamour, but none commands the respect and the dignity of a doctor. Money and power are all but transitory things, that are here today and gone tomorrow, but the status and service of a doctor does not diminish. On the other hand, it increases and multiplies with the passage of time.

The road to realising my dream is not easy, nor do I expect it to be so. I have to pass the competitive premedical examination, before I get admission to a medical college. I have started preparing for the same in right earnest and with God’s grace, I do hope to clear the test.

I would like to specialise in Cardiac surgery, after completing my MBBS. This is a fatal disease that is on the rise. It has now started afflicting even young people and the country would need many cardiologists in time to come.

I hope this dream comes true, for I am leaving no stone unturned to make it a reality. I firmly believe that our triumphs and defeats are in us, for in the words of H.W. Longfellow, “Not in the clamour of crowded streets not in the shouts of plaudits of the throng. But in ourselves are triumphs and defeats.”


  • Ambition
  • ‘Ambition should be made of sterner stuff”” – Discuss.