Reflective Essay Topic – Impact Of Fashion On Students

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Reflective Essay Topic – Impact Of Fashion On Students

Introduction: What is fashion?

  • Role of fashion in our life
  • Impact on students, distracts them from studies, vitiates the academic environment
  • Creates physiological imbalance for the poor students, often leading to crime

Conclusion: Students need to strike the right balance.

Fashion is a non-verbal form of communication, that conveys a lot about the person’s personality, background and style. Earlier it was the exclusive preserve of the affluent, celebrities and royalty. However, nowadays fashion is within the reach of the common man, specially the students.

Fashion is not only confined to clothing, makeup but in a much broader sense includes accessories like shoes, perfume, hairstyle, mannerism, etiquette and attitude towards life. It also encompasses the way one speaks, behaves, decorates one’s house and lifestyle in. general.

However, fashion as described in the English dictionary means ‘the prevailing mode in such things as are subject to change in form of a style, as in ornaments, etiquette and especially in dress.’ So all pervading is its influence that it is but natural for students to get afflicted with this symptom of modernity. In a way it adds spice to life, by providing an element of excitement in trying out something new.

Life would be boring if one was supposed to behave and dress in a similar manner. Change is therefore not only desirable but also welcome. The trendsetters of fashion be it in clothing, accessories, hairstyle, make up or mannerism are the hero, heroines of the tinsel world and the fashion models. They are the role models for the youth and are the living icons around whom ‘fashion’ revolves.

It is therefore natural for students in their adolescence, to get attracted towards fashion by emulating their role models. They become conscious of their clothes and ape their peers in style and mannerism. Thus at an age when they should be more concerned about studies, they waste time in checking out latest fashion trends from fashion magazines and throng the market, buying the latest fashion garments. This invariably causes distraction from studies which they later regret. It does not imply that students should not be smartly dressed. Their dress and behaviour should be appropriate for the occasion.

Over indulgence in fashion is known to create a social divide of the haves and the have-nots. Such a social divide in an educational institution is inappropriate and distractive. It often leads to psychological problems for students who try to ape their affluent friends. Unable to afford the cost, some resort to theft and other unlawful activities, which changes the course of their life. There are instances of youngsters taking to crime, just to buy a fashionable dress, shoes or a suit, just to be in fashion.

Students must therefore strike a right balance between being fashionable and what is good for them. They have all the time in the world to indulge in this luxury after finishing their education. Presently their time should be devoted to only studies, for as we all know, ‘time lost can never be regained.’


Fashion is the exclusive preserve of the rich. Comment