Reflective Essay Topic – Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

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Reflective Essay Topic – Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Introduction: Universal truth

  • The journey of man has been a relentless pursuit of satisfying needs.
  • Examples of how need to communicate led to great discoveries
  • Advance made in medical and health care

Conclusion: Adds spice to life and makes it comfortable

‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ There is much truth in this old adage. Ever since the advent of man in the universe, he has always been in pursuit of something to satisfy his needs. In order to satisfy hunger, he took to hunting wild animals. His desire to eat wholesome food, led him to discover fire and cultivate food grains.

To protect his body from the scourging heat and the cold weather, he covered it with fur of wild animals and subsequently with fabrics, made from cotton or wool. Indeed the journey of mankind has been a voyage of satisfying his different needs and wants.

No sooner has one need been satisfied, than a whole plethora of other needs arise. Thus what may have started as sign language to communicate, with fellow beings, gave rise to communication through language. This subsequently led to the need for recording communication, which was done through the evolution of alphabets.

Even today this need is being addressed by different media like telephone, cellular telephone, satellite phones and the Internet. To further augment the need to stay connected there are numerous networking sites like the Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin and numerous others.

Thus the necessity to communicate and stay connected led to the invention of different avenues to fulfill the need. In a similar manner our desire to do something new to meet the diverse needs, has led to stupendous development not only in the field of communication but in every sphere of human endeavour.

Thus in the field of transportation, the bullock carts made way to motor cars, trucks, trains and airplanes. In the field of medicine and health care, diseases that were thought to be incurable have been successfully treated. The discovery of new medicines and drugs have eradicated deadly diseases like plague and small pox.

Incurable diseases like cancer has been successfully treated by Chemotherapy and Radium treatment, while heart and other coronary diseases are treated with surgery. In our daily life we observe the universal truth of this statement, as we find new and more efficient ways of doing things.

Indeed necessity is the mother of inventions. Our ever growing needs and their satisfaction, has made the world a wonderful place to live. Our relentless endeavour to satisfy needs, not only makes us discover something new, but also adds spice to life. Had nature put everything before us on a platter, life would have been a eventless drudgery of routine.


The journey of mankind has been a voyage in the pursuit of satisfying his needs and wants. Discuss.

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