Reflective Essay ICSE 2007

Siblings often grow up side by side in families; yet have very different life experiences. This Reflective Essay was asked in ICSE 2007 board exam. You can find Previous Year Reflective Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Reflective Essay ICSE 2007

Man is the only creation of God, endowed with a unique individuality.

  • We are different in physical attributes.
  • We have different hobbies and interests.
  • Greater life experiences making my elder sibling more confident and knowledgeable.

We may have distinctly different tastes, habits and life experiences, but are bound by strong family ties, that would become stronger as time goes by.

Man is perhaps the only creation of God, endowed with a unique individuality. Each one of us differs in looks, colour, attitude, behaviour, likes, dislikes and personality traits, though born in the same family. This individuality makes siblings have different life experiences, especially if they are not of the same gender.

I have a sister who is eight years my senior. She is elegant and beautiful, unlike my stout and robust self. Being industrious by nature, she is either busy in studies, or doing needle work, which is her hobby. I am quite carefree and fun loving. My studies are confined to course books and newspapers. Staying at home is a taboo.

As regard hobbies, we are poles apart. While she likes cooking delicacies, reading novels and chatting, I like to go out with my friends for a movie or play cricket in the park close by. I enjoy the company of friends and cousins, and occasionally go out to stay with them during weekends. We play cricket, football and if we have to stay indoors, then there is nothing better than computer games. This is however not to suggest, that my sister has no friends. She goes out to watch movies with them, and when they came home, they seem to only laugh and gossip.

Being elder to me, she treats me like a kid, lecturing me on what I should, or should not do. This at times drives me wild, and we have our usual tiffs. Unfortunately for me, my parents take her side and I am left puffing and fuming. However the animosity is short lived. We are back to teasing each other, to the dismay of our parents.

As for life experiences, she has travelled to many cities and studied in different schools. My father’s frequent transfers took her to Dehradun, Srinagar and Delhi, while I have only visited few places and studied in only one school. This exposure has made her more confident and knowledgeable.

Her sincerity and hard work enabled her to get good marks, which got her admission to a prestigious college in Delhi. In sharp contrast I am quite casual with my studies and am constantly lectured by my parents to mend my ways. Being the youngest, I have been pampered, which has made me careless and fun loving. However this is going to change, for I have to work hard to achieve my ambition of becoming a doctor.

It is therefore quite natural that we may differ in tastes, habits, and life experiences. Nevertheless we are bound by strong family ties, which would further strengthen, as time goes by.