Descriptive Essay Topic – An Entertainment Programme Organised On Teacher’s Day

An Entertainment Programme Organised On Teacher’s Day. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay Topic – An Entertainment Programme Organised On Teacher’s Day

Preparations made for a memorable Teacher’s Day programme.

  • Programme commenced with play titled ‘Corruption’
  • The highlight of the function was a musical programme
  • This could not be held because of the last minute failure of the orchestra to turn up
  • The main protagonist forgot his dialogue, which led to booing and jeering by the students
  • Last minute alternative for a song by a student could not be held because of his absence
  • Left with no alternative apologised for the flop show

Important lesson learnt to be humble, realistic and cautious

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year in our school on the 5th of September. As the head of the cultural club, I decided to celebrate it with a difference this year. To encourage the budding talent, I decided to host a cultural extravaganza, the like of which the school had never seen before. After detailed discussion with other members of the club, we finally short listed a play and a musical concert. The play was a satire on the corruption in the society, to be followed by a musical concert by VJ Orchestra, which was the best in town.

With little time at our disposal, we began practicing in earnest, often staying back after school hours. To ensure smooth progress of the programme, I distributed work among all the members and things seemed to be working as per plan. On D day I felt a bit nervous, but set forth with the programme that was to be held in the school auditorium. The team entrusted with the reception of the teachers, welcomed them with flowers and garlands. The programme commenced with my welcome address, in which I thanked the teachers for their role in moulding our life.

Since the students were getting restless, I requested them to be patient and enjoy the memorable programme, which was to be held for the first time in the school. This was greeted with a loud applause. The programme started with the play titled ‘Corruption’. The curtains went up to show a politician sitting with some hangers on, pressing his legs. Their juicy dialogues, had the audience hold their sides with laughter.

Things were going along fine, till one of my team mates signalled me to come aside. The look of dismay on his face got me worried. I hastened behind the stage to learn that there was no trace of the orchestra. They had rung up to inform that .they could not participate due to the indisposition of key artists. This came as a bombshell to me, for I had not in my wildest dream anticipated such an eventuality. Left with no alternative I decided to approach Ashok, a talented singer in school, to save the day for us. An emissary was sent to fetch him immediately.

Rushing back I found the play approaching the climax with the main protagonist the politician, getting up to make a small speech. He began well, but soon faltered and even prompting did not help. By now the boys started hooting and jeering, which made me beat a hasty retreat. The curtains were drawn but there was no sign of Ashok. My emissary returned with news that he had not come to school. Being left with no alternative, I thought it prudent to go before the audience and apologise for the flop show.

Surprisingly, my humble apology brought an instant reaction. The Principal walked up to the stage, patted me on my shoulder and said, “Well-done boys. There is nothing to be sorry about, for we learn from our mistakes.” With a brief thanksgiving, the programme came to an abrupt end.

I was crestfallen and cursed myself for not anticipating things. Later assessing the sequence of events, I realised that the programme was doomed to fail. The extremely short time for practice and the lack of an alternate plan, was but courting disaster. I am now much wiser after the event, for it has taught me to be humble, realistic and also cautious.


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  • You have organised a variety entertainment in your school. Give a vivid account of your experience.