Descriptive Essay Topic – The Scene At The Railway Station

The Scene At The Railway Station. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay Topic – The Scene At The Railway Station

When and why you visited the railway station?

  • Reached the station and learnt that the train was an hour late.
  • Scene at the station.
  • An incident at the station.

Arrival of the train and reunion of friends.

I was overjoyed to learn that my friend Rohit was coming to Lucknow to spend the Christmas vacation with me. I decided to receive him at the railway station. The thought of meeting him after a gap of five years exhilarated me.

On the appointed day I got up early in the morning and was at the railway station by 7 AM, the estimated time of arrival of Lucknow Mail. On reaching the station I was informed that the train was an hour late. Cursing the railways for their inefficiency, I trudged along to the enquiry office to enquire about the exact status of the train. The clerk at the counter seemed uncooperative. After some prodding, he informed that there was a derailment at Hardoi, about 60 KM from Lucknow, which had delayed the train.

Since it was unadvisable to return home, I decided to wait and looked around for a place to park myself. To my dismay there was none, for the platform was milling with people. There were passengers waiting for trains, while others like me were waiting to receive their near and dear ones. There were still others, sleeping on the floor with their luggage under their head. I couldn’t help admiring their capacity to sleep, amidst the din of hawkers and vendors.

An occasional dog or cow would make a detour of the place, looking for eatables left by passengers. A bull probably attracted by my red jacket, headed towards me. Fearing that it would butt me, I thought it prudent to move away. It however had no such intention, for it picked up a banana peel lying before me. Feeling tired and exhausted, I took a cup of tea from a vendor. While sipping it, I saw a train screech to a halt on the platform. There was great commotion as people on the platform rushed in, to take their seat, making it difficult for passengers to disembark. There was much shouting and confusion.

In this hullabaloo, a lady who had just disembarked from the train yelled, that her chain had been snatched. Hearing her shout, a lad standing close to her, broke into a run. He came rushing towards me, to escape from the exit passage behind me. I instinctively flung the cup of hot tea on his face. This startled him and in no time I With the help of other passengers overpowered him. The lady thanked me profusely for my presence of mind. The culprit was handed over to the railway police who arrested him.

A little later I was relieved to hear the announcement of the arrival of the Lucknow Mail. As the train rolled in, I found my friend standing in one of the compartments waving out to me. It was a happy reunion, as we hugged each other like long lost friends. All the din, dirt and the clamour was lost on us, as we walked away from the station with his baggage in tow.


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