Descriptive Essay Topic – A Day When Everything Went Wrong In School

A Day When Everything Went Wrong In School. You Can Find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics Asked In ICSE Board Exams.

Descriptive Essay Topic – A Day When Everything Went Wrong In School

A day that one would like to forget for nothing good happened that day.

  • Got up late in the morning for the half yearly exams
  • Prepared for the wrong subject
  • Punished for coming late

Even now have nightmare of that day when everything went wrong at school.

A day in school is normally like any other day, but there is a day that one would like to forget, for nothing good happens that day. Even now recalling it gives me nightmares. Last year in the midst of the half yearly examinations, I got up late in the morning. My head felt dizzy because of sleeping late the previous night, preparing for the English Language test.

Looking at the alarm clock left me pale. I had just ten minutes to board the school bus. I scrambled from bed, completed my daily chores in a jiffy. I had barely put on my trousers, when the horn of the school bus sounded. Clutching my bag, I hounded out of the driveway, but to my dismay the bus was nowhere in sight. Rushing back, I entreated my father to drop me to school in his car. He grudgingly agreed, after giving me a pep talk on being careless.

I reached school twenty minutes late, and was immediately ticked off by the monitor, who asked me to stay back after school as punishment. I took this in my stride, cursing my ill stars for the humiliation. On reaching the classroom, I took my seat and settled down for the test. The Question paper left me dumbstruck.

Was I hallucinating? I pinched myself to see if I was in my senses. Yes I was. I glanced at my wrist watch, it was indeed the 1st of September but the test slated was not English but Maths. The earth seemed to slip under my feet as I tried to come to terms with this catastrophe. Maths itself was my achilles heel, but to give a test without preparation was indeed a nightmare. I however gathered my wits and began to attempt the questions with trembling hands.

After two hours the ordeal was finally over. I had vision of a sound whacking, that was in store for me. I was morose throughout the lunch recess. My friend Arvind first laughed at my foolishness, but later comforted me allaying my fears. To add salt to injury, I was made to stand outside the class, for not bringing the Science book. I heaved a sigh of relief on hearing the toll of the school bell.

But alas! I had to stay back for detention, which meant catching a public bus to reach home. The journey in the bus was another shattering experience. It was packed to capacity and I could barely stand on my feet throughout the journey. A year has passed but I still have nightmare of that day, when everything went wrong at school. Recalling it sends a shiver down my spine.


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