Descriptive Essay ICSE 2010

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2010 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2010

Think of a time when you achieved a personal goal. Say why the goal was important to you and how you achieved it. Describe how you felt on achieving it. (ICSE 2010)

One of the most difficult personal goal in school was to learn cycling.

  • New situations always made me a bit nervous and my first cycling lesson was no exception.
  • One Sunday morning I decided to learn cycling with my father’s help.
  • Initially I had great difficulty in coordinating the movements.
  • The next day after the first round I found him standing in front of me.
  • I had indeed mastered the skill of cycling and later won the inter school championship trophy.

Learning to cycle was not easy for me. It however made me more confident and bold.

Learning something new was a very scary experience. One of the most difficult things, I have ever had to do in school was to learn cycling. I was mortally afraid of falling and injuring myself. I watched my friends with disdain, as they cycled to school, while I trudged along with my school bag on my shoulder. Occasionally a friend would give me a lift on his bicycle, which would make me feel even more lowly and awkward. One day I finally decided to learn this important skill and requested my father to help me.

New situations always made me a bit nervous and my first cycling lesson was no ; exception. Early Sunday morning when everyone was fast asleep, I crept out of bed, put on my full sleeves shirt and trousers, to protect me from injury. As I wheeled out my brother’s bicycle on to the driveway, my father called out to me. He was glossing over the newspaper, which he put aside as he came towards me. We steadily made our way to the park adjacent to our house.

Reaching the park, he made me sit on the cycle holding the seat from behind. My legs barely touched the lower pedal. A stream of instructions followed, like “Hold the handle straight”, “Look straight ahead”, “Don’t stop peddling, etc”. He gave an initial push to the cycle from behind. I found these coordinated instructions quite difficult to follow, and soon I was down on my knees, with the cycle over me.

However the strong grip of my father softened the fall and I escaped with minor bruises. But my father was patient. He encouraged me saying “Good, keep it up Sumit”. This boosted my confidence. I was up on my feet. Holding the handle of the cycle firmly, I pushed the pedal down with my legs, at the same time trying to retain my upright position. The very presence of my father boosted my confidence no end. In about an hour’s time, I learnt to coordinate the movements, as my father ran behind holding the seat of the cycle.

The next day we repeated the entire exercise, completing one round of the park. During the second round I felt more free and easy, as I feverishly pushed the pedals. To my surprise I found my father standing right in front of me smiling and waving. He 1 had intentionally let go of my seat after the first round. I had indeed mastered the skill of cycling. It was a wonderful free feeling – like flying.

From that day onwards, it became my hobby and later fetched me the inter school championship trophy.
Learning to cycle was not easy for me. However my persistence in achieving this personal goal finally paid off. Now whenever I am faced with a new challenge, I am not nervous. This is because I know that as 1 practice more, my skills would get better. This has made me more confident and bold. It is indeed a wonderful feeling when you achieve a goal, you have set for yourself.


Learning something new is challenging. Say why it was important for you and how you achieved it. Describe how you felt on achieving it.

A school carnival or fete is a great occasion for fun with friends. Describe one such event in your school. (ICSE 2010)

Provides entertainment and also great learning

  • The day of fete; Description of the stalls at the fete
  • Manning the stall set up by my class, lessons of team work and coordination
  • Winning a lottery ticket
  • Fun and merrymaking as the fete concluded

A memorable occasion

The school fete is looked forward to by most of us. It provides entertainment and also great learning which is useful later in life. This year my school organised a fete on Saturday, the 10th of October. Feverish preparation began a fortnight before the event. Each class was asked to set up a stall of their choice. We collected contributions from our classmates and sent out invitations to parents, requesting them to join the festivity with their friends and relatives.

The day turned out to be cloudy but by midday the Sun peeped through the clouds, which hung heavy in the sky. They threatened to play spoilsport, but thankfully a westerly breeze them steadily blew away, bringing much cheer to our dampened spirits.

Making my way to the big playfield, excited shouts of glee from my friends greeted me. Numerous colourful stalls adorned the school ground. In the centre an orchestra was belting out the latest musical hit, which added gaiety and festivity to the occasion. A huge giant wheel in one comer of the field had small children shouting with delight as the wheel went up and down.

I took my position on the counter of our stall selling eatables like snacks and chowmein. It was great fun serving the customers most of whom were my friends. We seemed to have matured overnight, working like true businessmen, accounting for cash and stocks. The next stall was selling cakes and chocolates and they were also doing brisk business. The occasional cackle of the loud speaker broke the revelry to make an announcement.

A friendly tap on my shoulder made me turn around “Hi Siddhant,’ said Rohit as he caught my hand and escorted me to his stall selling raffle tickets and persuaded me to buy one. I reluctantly parted with a ten rupee note in exchange for the ticket, which I carelessly shove in my pocket. Taking a break from my stall, I went around the other stalls, eating chocolates and ice cream, till I had run out of money.

As the sun set we wound up the stall which was almost depleted. Handing over the collection to my class teacher, I was about to depart, when I heard the number of the lucky winner being announced. I pulled out the crumbled ticket from my pocket – Lo and behold! I had struck the jackpot. In a trance I walked up to the podium, to collect the prize.

Thereafter all boundaries began to crumble, as teachers and students danced to the music of the orchestra. I too joined in the fun and merrymaking. It was exciting and enjoyable to practically learn lesson of team work and coordination.

Later I trudged home with the prize, which shall always remind me of the wonderful time I had in the school fete.


  • Imagine that you were told you could wish for any one thing, except money, and that your wish would be granted. What would you wish for and why?
  • You are to organise a farewell party for your seniors passing out from school. Describe in detail what arrangements you would make to make it a success.