Descriptive Essay ICSE 2006

You are a spectator at a cricket match. Trouble erupts suddenly in the stadium and you witness a riot among the crowd. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2006 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2006

You are a spectator at a cricket match. Trouble erupts suddenly in the stadium and you witness a riot among the crowd. Give a vivid description of the scene. (ICSE 2006)

Crucial match being played at the Feroze Shah Kotla ground in Delhi for the cricket ‘World Cup Trophy’ between India and Pakistan

  • Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat, putting up a massive total
  • Indian response was disastrous losing early wickets
  • Certain defeat made the crowd restive and violent, causing a stampede; Order was restored

The last two overs proved to be the turning point, and led to India winning the match.

“Dhoni Dhoni,” shouted the crowd as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian cricket captain, faced the bowling of Imtiaz, the fast bowler of Pakistan. There was dead silence as the ball failed to strike the bat and hit Dhoni’s pad. The bowler and the entire Pakistani I team jumped with joy, appealing to the umpire for an LBW.

Not convinced he signalled to the third umpire. A tense silence followed as the crowd waited for the decision. As the board flashed NOT OUT the entire stadium reverberated with joy. The situation seemed hopeless, for India was trailing by 33 runs with only two oVers to spare, in the World Cup I” final match at the Feroz Shah Kotla ground in New Delhi.

Earlier in the day, Inzamam ul Haq, the Pakistani captain had won the toss and opted to bat, on a wicket that was green and promised to be full of runs. They batted well and put up a mammoth total of 226 runs for 6 wickets. The captain leading from the front remaining unbeaten with 110 runs.

The Indian response to this huge total was disastrous. The top order batting crumbled to the pace of Shoiab Akthar. The tension in the crowd increased as the run rate per over mounted. Unhappy with the slow scoring, a section of the crowd started raising slogans and hurling bottles into the field. This was objected to by others, and soon a melee ensued.

In the free for all that followed, people ran helter skelter for cover, causing a stampede. Women and children caught in the stampede cried out for help. Utter confusion prevailed in the stadium for well over fifteen minutes. The match was halted, and the organisers appealed to the audience to remain calm and maintain order, for the match to continue. They reminded the spectators, that such unsporting behaviour would bring a bad name to the city.

In the meantime the local administration immediately swung into action, the police used mild force to quell the rioters. They rounded up some mischief mongers and herded them out of the stadium. The injured were provided first aid by the paramedics, while the seriously injured were carried away on stretchers to the ambulance. Some semblance of order being restored, the umpires decided to continue the match.

Not losing hope I and my friends started waving the Indian tricolour and shouting, “We want four, We want four.” Soon the entire stadium reverberated with this slogan. Taking a cue from the crowd, Dhoni in the very first ball of Shoaib Akhtar’s over struck him for a four. This was followed by two consecutive fours and a six, in an over that yielded eighteen runs. This proved to be the turning point of the match. Now with victory in sight, the crowd became ecstatic, bursting crackers and beating drums. However with sixteen runs still remaining with just six balls, victory seemed quite elusive.

There was pin drop silence as the over progressed, with just ten runs coming of the first five balls. The tension became palpable as the last ball was bowled to Dhoni. He valiantly lifted the ball over the long on boundary, with bated breath we watched as a fielder ran after it, and to our dismay, took a brilliant catch just as his outstretched leg crossed the boundary rope. The third umpire’s decision was called for, and with the light blinking green, bedlam broke loose in the stadium. The crowd went berserk with joy and happiness. I embraced my friends, jubilant at India’s victory. We returned home with a realisation, “Uncertainty the name is cricket”.


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