Descriptive Essay ICSE 2004

This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 2004 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 2004

You have lived in your ancestral house since birth. The house is to be sold so that flats may be built. Narrate the circumstances that led to this decision and describe your feelings about moving out of the house. (ICSE 2004)

When it happened

  • Why was it necessary to vacate our ancestral home? Narrate the circumstances
  • Description of the house
  • Sweet memories associated with the house
  • Emotions and feelings on leaving it
  • Packing our belongings

It was painful leaving my ancestral house, which was not just a home, but a temple of love for me.

“We shall have to leave home today,” said my mother with tears in her eyes last Sunday. I put down the toast of bread I was having for breakfast, unbelieving what I had heard “Leaving Home! But why Mummy?” I asked foolishly.

She briefly recounted the severe financial loss my father was incurring in business. Loans taken from a financer, by mortgaging the house could not be paid. The financer was pressing hard for return of his money. Being unable to repay the debt, there was no alternative but to sell the house to him. He wanted to build multistoreyed flats, on the prime piece of land, on which our house stood. I had sensed for some time that some trouble was brewing, for I often found my parents not quite their usual self. They seemed quite perturbed and restless. I had never imagined that things would be that serious.

‘Singh Villa’ was indeed a prestigious property located in Lalbagh, very close to the posh Hazratganj market of Lucknow. It was bought by my grandfather from an Englishman, in the year 1911. The architecture of the bungalow was typically European, with red sandstone walls, a red tiled roof, atop which stood a tall chimney. The long driveway led to a big porch, beyond which was a verandah, which opened into the drawing room. The huge doors and windows with ventilators near the ceiling, made the place very airy and fresh. Big chandeliers and ceiling fans hung from the high ceiling. Next to the drawing room, there were three other equally large rooms. My room on the first floor opened into a huge balcony which had a commanding view of the adjoining park, where children from the neighbourhood came to play cricket. I would sit for hours in the balcony without feeling lonely or bored, watching them play.

The very thought of leaving this place made my heart sink. I had been bom and brought up here, and could not fathom to live anywhere else. I had numerous friends in the neighborhood, with whom I had grown up. The thought that I would not be able to see or play with them, made me feel sad. Besides this, the precious memories of my grandfather playing cricket with me in the lawn, made me suppress a sob. Unable to control my emotions, I clung to my mother crying inconsolably.

She patted me on my back saying “Don’t be disheartened son we would be moving to a smaller but new house in Gomti Nagar, and God willing happy days will come again.” I marvelled at her courage, and wiping the tears that had rolled down my cheeks, set about packing my personal belongings.

By late afternoon I had my belongings stuffed in two huge trunks. With a heavy heart, I went down to have lunch which was a very quiet affair, for none of us was willing to speak a word, for fear of betraying our emotions. I could see the sign of anguish on my father’s face. It was indeed a very tough decision for him, but being a great fighter, he showed utmost restraint and self confidence. The packing of the furniture was over by evening, and we waited patiently for the truck to arrive.

Loading the last item on the truck, I bid farewell to my friends, who had come to see me off. I sat in the carand took a last glance at my ancestral house, which was not just a home, but a temple of love for me.


  • You have to leave your school where you studied from class 1. Narrate the circumstances that led to this decision and describe your feelings on leaving the school.
  • You were travelling by car which had a mechanical breakdown or accident making further travel by car impossible. Describe what happened and how you finally reached your destination.

Write about two deeds you have done-one of which gave you immense joy and satisfaction while the other was a cause of deep regret. (ICSE 2004)

A good deed shines in the naughty world

  • A good deed of helping a friend who had met with an accident
  • An action that was the cause of regret

Good deeds give us joy, bad deeds cause deep regret. However we should learn and benefit from them.

“How far that little candle throws its beam! So shines a good deed in the naughty world,” said William Shakespeare, in his play the Merchant of Venice. Indeed good deeds enrich our lives and people appreciate us for it. They give us immense joy and satisfaction, while some of our actions are the cause of much regret and unhappiness.

Last summer while going to school on my bicycle, I saw a huge crowd on the road side. Recognising the bicycle of my friend Abhay lying on the road, I made my way through the crowd, and found him lying in a pool of blood. He had apparently been knocked down by a speeding car. Quickly taking stock of the situation, I signalled a car to stop. Taking the help of bystanders, I put Abhay in the car and sped towards the Civil Hospital. The doctors in the trauma ward decided to go in for an emergency operation because of the serious head injury.

They asked me to immediately arrange for blood of ‘O’ group, which was required for the operation. I volunteered to give blood for it was of the desired blood group. I was immediately wheeled into the OT. I felt dizzy and dozed off as the blood transfusion and his operation began. A little later on opening my eyes, I found Abhay’s parents standing anxiously around me. Their eyes brimmed with tears, as they held my hand. Fortunately for Abhay the operation was successful, and after a few month’s rest, he was back to school. Ever since he is my best friend.

While this deed gave me immense joy and satisfaction, I regret and feel ashamed in recalling my first and last attempt at using unfair means in the examination. This happened when I was appearing for the social science paper in class VIII. I just could not memorise the date of birth and death of great men. I therefore thought of an easy way out, and wrote the same on a small piece of paper, which I concealed in the pencil box.

I was caught in the act of taking a glimpse of this note, and was hauled up by the invigilator. The matter was reported to the Principal, and my parents were called to school. I was severely reprimanded for my conduct, and was let off with a stem warning. Even today, just thinking about it makes me feel awkward and embarrassed. I found myself unable to face my friends and colleagues, The understanding shown by my friend Abhay made me overcome this ignominy.

Thus I know from personal experience that good deeds give us tremendous joy and satisfaction. The not so good deeds are the cause of deep regret and shame. Nevertheless, they too help us mould our life, if we learn from them.


  • ‘One lie leads to another’. Relate an incident when you told a lie and went on to deeply regret it later.
  • Write about two deeds you have done in school which gave you immense joy and satisfaction.