Descriptive Essay ICSE 2003

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Descriptive Essay ICSE 2003

While on a picnic you and your friends decide to go sailing, unfortunately, your boat capsizes in a violent storm. However all of you manage to swim to safety. Give a vivid account of the incident. (ICSE 2003)

When and where you went

  • What happened
  • Caught in a storm
  • How did you swim to safety

A harrowing experience, that I shall never forget in my life.

The first shower of monsoon signalled the end of our summer vacation. I along with my friends Soumya and Arti, decided to have a memorable picnic, before going back to our books. After much deliberation we decided to go to Shaheed Smarak the very next day.

The sky was a little overcast, as we set out to Shaheed Smarak on our bicycles. The cool morning breeze was a welcome respite from the heat wave we had been facing lately. We hired a medium sized boat with a sail, for sailing on the River Gomti. The old boatman welcomed us aboard, and made us sit comfortably on the seats facing the rudder.

With a mighty heave on the oars, he steered the boat gently into the river. Soon we were sailing in the middle of the river. The gentle breeze across the sail accelerated the pace. We shouted with joy, splashing the river water with our hands, and sang to our heart’s content.

A little later the clouds darkened and the gentle breeze transformed into a violent storm. The boat rocked violently as the strong dusty wind threatened to blow of the sail. Gone was the bonhomie, as we huddled in one comer of the boat. The old boatman yelled warning us not to disturb the balance of the boat, but it was too late. Shrieking with fright we were thrown into the river as the boat capsized.

Gasping for breath I came to the surface, and flung my arms in despair, clutching the bottom of the capsized boat. Soon Soumya, Arti and the old boatman, also surfaced clutching the boat or whatever part of the boat they could lay their hands on, to remain afloat. Shocked with the turn of events, we began to swim to safety leaving the boatman to tend to his boat.

I soon realised that swimming in the river was more difficult than in a swimming pool. The waves struck my face often choking me. To make matters worse it began to rain heavily, which completely obliterated my vision. In a couple of minutes, I got thoroughly exhausted, and floated on the surface gasping for breath.

Glancing around I found my friends desperately trying to stay afloat. Just then a fisherman seeing our plight came to our rescue. He hauled us on to the boat, and brought us to the river bank. We profusely thanked him for saving our lives.

The close brush with death had indeed scared and frightened us. Reminiscing about it even now makes my hair stand on end. It was a harrowing experience, which I shall never forget in my life.


  • Imagine you have been in a difficult or awkward situation. Write a composition describing it and how you got out of it.
  • Suppose you are a fisherman or a scientist. Write an account of some of your experiences.

Looking back at the last ten years of your life, describe the events that have been significant in shaping your personality. (ICSE 2003)

Events of the past portend the future

  • Lost a bicycle due to my carelessness
  • Incident that made me have faith in God

Incidents became important milestones in my life, making me sober, cautious, humble and God fearing.

Events of the past portend the future, sometimes giving new direction to our life altogether. The humiliating experience of being thrown out of a train because of his colour, strengthened Mahatma Gandhi’s resolve to fight the British. The rest was history. Thus often unseemly incidents influence our life and personality.

Looking back at the last ten years of my life, I distinctly recall an incident when I was studying in class VI. My father had presented me a new bicycle on my birthday. Being my only worldly possession, I embellished it with a new bright coloured seat and chain cover. Cycling to school in my characteristic flamboyant style, I parked it in the cycle stand, as my friends looked on with envy.

After the school got over, I ran to collect it, from the stand, but Lo and behold! There was no trace of it. My heart skipped a beat, as I looked around fugitively, but it had just vanished into thin air. I lodged a report with the school authorities, who in turn called the police, but all in vain. I was reprimanded for my carelessness in not locking the cycle while parking it. Ever since recalling the incident embarrasses me. However, it has taught me the virtue of being careful and cautious. Gone is my flamboyance, for I am now more sober and fastidious.

The other incident happened just two years ago, when I fell severely ill. I was running high fever for nearly a month, which the doctors were unable to diagnose. All tests for malaria or jaundice proved negative. The long hours of solitude in the hospital, made me restless and ill tempered. My mother consoled and prayed for me.

Initially I ridiculed her for it, but her firm resolve and faith in the Almighty, finally moved me. She read the Ramayana, and the Mahabharata to me, which strengthened my resolve to fight the illness. It also gave me new insight into life, and strengthened my will to fight against odds. I found myself praying, a thing I had never done till then.

By the end of the month I had recovered from the mysterious disease, which was soon diagnosed to be meningitis. The days spent in the hospital, were indeed the most horrifying. The pain, suffering and solitude, made my life very miserable. However, I was able to bear it because of my new found faith in God.

These two incidents have proved to be important milestones in my life. They have profoundly influenced my personality, making me sober, cautious, humble and God fearing.


  • You had gone to a riverbank for a picnic along with your friends. You suddenly hear the shout of someone crying for help. Describe what happened.
  • You are among the spectators watching a hockey match when suddenly it begins to rain. Describe the scene before, during and after the rain.