Descriptive Essay ICSE 1998

On a train journey you detect a bomb in the compartment, you help in evacuating and rescuing the passengers and in the confusion lose your baggage. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 1998 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 1998

On a train journey you detect a bomb in the compartment, you help in evacuating and rescuing the passengers and in the confusion lose your baggage. Give a detailed account of your adventure. (ICSE 1998)

When it happened

  • How I discovered the bomb
  • Helping and rescuing passengers
  • Lost my baggage

Reached home safely

Last year after spending the Christmas vacations with my cousin in Jalandhar, I took a train to Lucknow. My cousins had come to see me off at the railway station. The Himgiri Express fortunately was on time. Depositing my luggage under the seat, I got down, to bid farewell to them, hugging and promising to meet soon.

I stretched myself on the lower berth, after a long tiring day.The train was packed to capacity. Sitting opposite my berth was an old man and a child. Talking to them I learned that they were also going to Lucknow, where the old man’s son was working. Soon I settled, down to sleep. Turning in the berth my purse accidentally fell through the gap. I hurriedly got up to retrieve it.

While shifting the baggage of other passengers, I saw a metallic object, near my purse. Sensing danger I collected my purse and rushed to the ticket collector with the news of my discovery. Soon there was an apprehensive crowd around my berth. The conductor and the security guard confirmed the presence of a suspicious object that could be a bomb. The frightened passengers rushed towards the door of the train, to jump out. I caught hold of the alarm chain above my berth and pulled it with all my might. After what seemed an eternity the train came to a halt.

People trampled over each other to get out of the train, with whatever luggage they could lay their hands on. I somehow also managed to get out. The compartment was soon separated from the train and people ran around searching for their near and dear ones.

I found Mr Fared Ali, the gentleman sitting opposite my berth sobbing. He told me that his grandson was probably in the compartment and pleaded to help retrieve the child. His pleas however fell on deaf ears, as no one was willing to enter the compartment that could blow up any moment.

Seeing the old man’s grief, I decided to venture into the compartment. Taking a powerful torch, I peered in shouting ‘Salim, Salim’. My shouts were answered by a frail voice calling out for help. I saw him lying on the floor of the compartment below a berth grievously injured.

Lugging him on my shoulder, I leapt towards the door and scrambled down the train. As I set foot on the ground the compartment blew up behind me. So strong was its impact that we were flung to the ground. The people helped us move away from the burning compartment. The old man with tears in his eyes fell at my feet, thanking me for what I had done.

I looked around for my baggage that I had left on the tracks, but to my dismay it just was not there. I desperately searched but all in vain. My ticket, purse, everything was in the bag. I was at a loss for I had nothing on me to reach home. Fared Ali patted me on my shoulders assuring not to worry, for he would take care of everything.

The relief train came at daybreak. On reaching Lucknow around noon, we were accorded a tumultuous welcome, by friends and relatives, who were waiting for us since morning.


  • Write a description of an uncomfortable train journey – imaginary or real, in which you are a central figure.
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