Descriptive Essay ICSE 1991

Describe one embarrassing / awkward incident that you and your family found really amusing. This Descriptive Essay was asked in ICSE 1991 board exam. You can find Previous Year Descriptive Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Descriptive Essay ICSE 1991

There are several humorous incidents that occur in every family. Describe one such incident that you and your family found really amusing. (ICSE 1991)
Describe one embarrassing / awkward incident that you and your family found really amusing.

When and Where? Incident in Bareilly on the occasion of a family get-together.

  • How? Fell into a ditch fetching a ball
  • What happened? I was frightened
  • Rescued by my brother at dusk

Humorous incident that tickles me even now

Yesterday while having dinner, I asked my elder brother to drop me at my friend’s place the next day. The aftermath of this statement was a heated argument, after which he exclaimed with disgust, “I wish I had left you in that ditch, so that you would not trouble me now.” There was a deep stunning silence, after which all of us including my parents burst out laughing.

The incident happened eight years ago. I had gone to attend the marriage of my cousin sister at Bareilly. All the children including my cousins, had collected for the occasion. One day in the afternoon, we went to play cricket on the barren ground behind the house. My elder cousin struck the ball so hard that it went towards the nearby bushes.

Running after the ball, I saw it disappear near a bush. I looked carefully and finally located it deep down in a ditch behind the bush. I thought I could collect it with my hands. Lying down on the ground, I stretched my hand as far as I could, slowly inching forward. I was just about reaching it, when to my horror, I plunged head into the ditch. Recovering from the shock, I sat down to survey my surroundings. My grief knew no bounds when I saw the hollow plastic shell, that appeared to be like a ball.

I screamed for help, but to no avail. The scene inside the ditch was fearful, with spiders and lizards crawling around. My clothes were soiled and I was perspiring badly. Dusk was fast approaching. The thought of spending the night in this well of misery terrified me. I made many attempts to get out, but each time slipped back into the ditch.

All of a sudden, I felt something crawling on my feet. Fearing the worst, I decided not to move, for I had heard that snakes bite when distracted. I gathered some courage and peeped down. To my relief I saw a leafy twig, entwined around my ankle. Just then I heard my brother calling out to me. I started shouting on top of my voice. He soon located me. I could not hide my joy seeing him peering down. Soon his outstretched hands pulled me out of the ditch. I was weeping inconsolably, he comforted me and brought me home.

My family was relieved and shocked to see me in that miserable state. My mother embraced me, wiping the tears that ran down my cheeks. After a quick bath, I narrated the incident to the family. At first they felt sorry for me, but my cousins started teasing me, for being in the company of spiders and lizards. Initially I felt offended, but realising that they were just pulling my leg, laughed heartily. Reliving the incident even now sends a chill down my spine, but at the same time tickles me no end.


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