Argumentative Essay Topic – It Is And Will Always Be A Man’s World

It Is And Will Always Be A Man’s World. You can find Previous Year Argumentative Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Argumentative Essay Topic – It Is And Will Always Be A Man’s World

It is and will always be a man’s world.

  • Prevalent since ages
  • Nature also seems to have willed it this way; Biologically true
  • Disparity exists even today in the society

Instead of competing, they should complement each other, to lead a wholesome life

It is and will always be a man’s world. There have been few exceptionally gifted women who have defied the above statement, but the fact remains, that for all practical purposes it is and will always remain a man’s world.

Since the dawn of civilisation, man has dominated women by sheer physical prowess. He enforced inhibitive customs, like the pardah system, dowry and the Sati practice. This was done to ensure his hold on over them.Though women played a crucial role in his life, as a mother, wife and daughter, but when it came to equal rights, she virtually had none. Thus in all crucial matters pertaining to property, or ascendance to the throne, it was the son who inherited the property or the throne.

Nature also seems to have willed it this way, for it has bestowed men with strength and an aggressive temperament. These attributes are essential to survive and grow in the competitive world. The very conjecture of a man brings forth a picture of brawn, rough and muscular personality, while a woman is the emblem of beauty, frail, soft, tender and caring. Thus biologically, they are quite distinct from one another and in a way complement each other. It is because of this that men graciously refer to women as the better half.

Even today women are discriminated, though we may claim to the contrary. This discrimination is evident in the society for after marriage she has to adopt the surname of her spouse and move in with him. Thus what little she had of her identity is lost after marriage. She is also denied her share in parental property.

The male hegemony is more evident in Muslim societies where men are legally permitted to have four wives and can divorce them, by merely uttering the word ‘Talaq’ thrice. They do not have the right of adult franchise and hence cannot cast their vote. Their evidence is also not accepted in court. Their entry is also barred in certain places of worship. All this goes to prove the fact that it was and will be a man’s world.

‘The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’ is indeed a myth. The increase in literacy and awakening of women would positively reduce the gap. However the disparity is. so great, that it seems nature also wills it this way. Thus instead of competing, it would be better if they complement each other to lead a wholesome life, respecting each other’s right and liberty.


  • ‘Women’s liberation is a myth.’ Discuss.
  • ‘There are certain professions from which women should be excluded.’ Discuss