Argumentative Essay Topic – Environmental Pollution Is A Cause For Concern

Environmental Pollution Is A Cause For Concern. You can find Previous Year Argumentative Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Argumentative Essay Topic – Environmental Pollution Is A Cause For Concern

What is environmental pollution?

  • Causes of pollution: Industrial, transportation, population
  • Effects of pollution: Adverse effect on marine life, soil, and health
  • Remedial measures: Ban release of harmful substances in rivers, enforce emission norms for factories and vehicles

We owe to ourselves and the future generations, to check this evil, which can obliterate life on the planet.

Environmental pollution is a cause of concern for the entire mankind. The last century has seen the rise of this menace which now casts its gloomy shadow on nature itself. Pollution is a byproduct of the unprecedented industrial revolution of the last few . decades. The large scale factories belching out smoke, fumes and chemically hazardous waste has now started making a dangerous impact on the environment.

This has further been accentuated with the unprecedented growth of automobiles and the ever-increasing human population. All these factors combined together are making environmental pollution a cause for serious concern. The reduction of oxygen level in the atmosphere is caused by pollution. The depleting oxygen level and the presence of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide cause asthma, lung cancer and other fatal diseases.

The large-scale release of chemical wastes from sugar and distillery factories and tanneries flow into the rivers and adversely affect aquatic life. The river water used for irrigation makes the soil infertile. The groundwater used for drinking also gets contaminated causing irreparable damage to the body. Poisonous gases like chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) used in air conditioners and refrigerators cause reduction in the ozone layer in the ionosphere, which protects us from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

We also know of the devastating effect of the Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal, where thousands perished and lakhs were rendered crippled for life. Environmental pollution is also responsible for global warming. The immediate offshoot of this is visible in the unpredictability and fickleness of the weather. The unusual cyclones, thunderstorms, droughts and floods in unusual places are some of its consequences. Besides this the most damaging is the melting of glaciers which would soon sound the death knell for islands and costal regions across the globe.

Environmental pollution is a serious threat that looms large on the earth today. It is not a national, but a global problem that has to be addressed internationally. Environmentalists have suggested an immediate ban on use of potentially harmful chemicals/gases in industry and discharge of wastes in rivers only after proper treatment. Other measures suggested are strict enforcement of emission norms for vehicles and protection of the green cover of forest and trees.

To address this issue the government has set up many monitoring and enforcement agencies to keep a check on this menace. However, we as responsible citizens must lend a helping hand by using fossil fuel and judiciously ensuring proper garbage disposal.

We often curse nature when it causes destruction by cyclone and thunderstorm, little realising that the fickle behaviour of nature is our own undoing. We owe to ourselves and the future generations, to check this menace, which can obliterate life on the planet. One is reminded of the words of John Milton, ‘Accuse not Nature, she hath done her part. Do thou but thine’.


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