Argumentative Essay ICSE 2005

‘The commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance.’Express your views either for or against this statement. This Argumentative Essay was asked in ICSE 2005 board exam. You can find Previous Year Argumentative Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Argumentative Essay ICSE 2005

‘The commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance.’ Express your views either for or against this statement. (ICSE 2005)

Pious occasions of festivals degenerated to merry making, because of commercialisation.

  • Corporates use such occasions to promote products before festivals like Deepawali and Christmas.
  • Religious rites and customs have undergone a sea change.
  • Commercialisation of festivals is playing havoc with our culture.
  • Effect of modernity and Information Technology has diluted the essence of festivals.
  • We now send e-mails, or cards to friends and relatives rather than meet them.

Need for us to pray and introspect, while celebrating festivals, to enrich us spiritually and mentally.

‘Man is by constitution a religious animal’ said the great scholar Edmund Burke. It is religion that makes him more loving, humane and sociable. Festivals are associated with religion and are basically celebrated, to commemorate a special occasion. These are pious occasions, for religious ceremonies and merry making, However their significance have now degenerated to only merrymaking, because of commercialisation.

Companies marketing consumer products have usurped such pious occasions, to enrich themselves. They launch new products, like garments, fashion accessories and even luxury items like cars, well before the onset of festivals like Deepawali and Christmas. Their advertisements and discount schemes are targeted to create an urge to splurge, thus propping up their sales. They induce people to buy costly presents for friends, relatives and children which have made festivals very materialistic. Gone is the joy, love and compassion one experiences on meeting friends and relatives during such festive occasions.

The religious rites and customs observed have also undergone a sea change. Thus, we now use decorative lights instead of the traditional diyas burnt with ghee during Deepawali. This was a symbolic welcome to Lord Rama on his return to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana. Similarly during Christmas the carol singing and the hymns have been replaced with Christmas ball, and other forms of merry making in prestigious hotels and clubs.

The commercialisation, is also playing havoc with our culture, which is evident during the Navratri festival. This festival stretches over a period of nine days dining which devotees dance ‘dandia’ to please Goddess Durga. The dance has now. degenerated to ‘Dandiya Ras’ with filmy songs, and is usually held in hotels and clubs, the essence of pleasing Goddess Durga, being completely forgotten.

An important factor in diluting the essence of festivals is our mistaken notion of modernity and the convenience offered by Information Technology. So great is the pressure of time that we do not have the energy, or the inclination to visit our near and dear ones, on a festival that comes once a year. Instead we send them e-mails and prefer to go shopping at Deepawali melas.

Indeed commercialisation of festivals has eroded their real significance. This is because festivals have been reduced to only celebrations and merry making. Corporates have succeeded by their ingenuity, to convert such pious occasions, to enrich themselves. There is however an urgent need for us to pray and introspect, during festivals, for this can only enrich us socially and spiritually.


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