A Visit To A Zoo Essay | Essay on A Visit To A Zoo for Students and Children in English

A Visit To A Zoo Essay: A zoo is a place where all kinds of animals are kept. They are kept in separate cages and enclosures. Last month I went to the city zoo with my father.

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Short Essay on A Visit To A Zoo 200 Words for Kids and Students in English

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It is very big and spread over 35 acres of land. There are many kinds of trees, plants and bushes all around. Then there are the man-made lakes, in which ducks, swans and other acquatic birds can be seen.

The zoo has a very large collection of animals and birds and I was really thrilled to see them. Some animals are kept in huge open enclosures, while others have ponds and small lakes.

A Visit To A Zoo Essay


I was most interested in the white tigers, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and panthers. We also enjoyed looking at the monkeys, who were the most active of the lot. In the birds section, we saw peacocks, cranes, parrots, nightingales and cuckoos. The parrots amused us with their quaint chatter. Then, there was also a pair of large crocodiles. They were enjoying the sun on the banks of a half-full muddy pool of water.

It was an enjoyable day at the zoo and I got to see, and learn about so many different animals.