Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary Analysis and Explanation By Carroll Moore

Author Name Carroll Moore
Born 12 July 1871, Limerick, Maine, United States
Died 20 January 1961, New York, New York, United States
Awards Regina Medal, John Newbery Medal
Nationality American
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Caroll Moore

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Introduction

The story is of a boy who was not willing to do his homework. In return to the favors he had done for saving an elf life, he assigned all his homework to it. As elf wasn’t familiar with the subjects, he took the help of Patrick. Now Patrick was doing hard work in assisting the elf. At the end, he became independent and happy.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary of the Lesson

Patrick found the homework very boring. He preferred to play hockey and basketball. He was advised by the teacher to do his homework to learn better. He often realised that he hadn’t learned many things still did not change his attitude.

One day, he saw that his cat was playing with an elf. It was a tiny man, wearing a little wool shirt and short trousers. He shouted to be saved from the cat. It promised to grant Patrick a wish if he saves its life Patrick found someone to do his homework.

He felt lucky. He asked for his help till the end of the semester. Although the elf felt disgusted by the demand initially, yet it decided to help Patrick in his homework.

As elf didn’t know all the subjects he asked for help. Patrick had to read words with meanings for elf. In solving the problem of mathematics, it took help of Patrick himself. History was troublesome for elf.

Thus it involved Patrick all the time while doing his homework. Patrick was reading day and night unknowingly and in helping elf. He actually learned lots of things.

On last day of the school, the elf left secretly through the back door. It did not want to stay longer as the work was tiresome for it.

At the end of the semester, Patrick surprised everyone by scoring A grade. Actually it was achieved only through his own hard work. His teachers, parents, and friends wondered for the positive changes in his personality.

He became the inspiration for others. He did all his chores by himself. He was liked and appreciated by everyone. While helping the elf Patrick had learned to work hard and finally, the success was his not that of the elf.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Summary
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