Where Do All the Teachers Go? Summary

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Where Do All the Teachers Go? Summary

Where Do All the Teachers Go? Summary of the Poem

Peter John Dixon is a poet, performer and educationalist. The poem is dealing with the inquisitiveness of a child’s mind, who wonders if his/her teacher lives a normal life his curiosity. It is reflected with the question raised about the behaviour of teachers. He wanted to know the lifestyle of his teacher.

A teachers lead an ideal life before his students. They present themselves in a perfect manner with poise and dignity. Their behaviour evoked curiosity in the mind of the poet. He wants to know where the teachers go if they live in houses and do they perform domestic chores.

The activities like wearing pyjamas at home and watching TV in leisure time are generally done by normal people. The poet questions about these activities.

The child wants to ensure about their family life. He asks about their parents. He felt that as children hadn’t they ever committed mistakes and were punished for it.

The teachers are known to maintain and keep books and records, so the child asks whether they ever lose their hymn books. Did they leave vegetables in their plates, ever spoilt their desk or did they ever wear old and dirty jeans because cleanliness is also a major concern of a teacher?

The poem ends with a note by the student that he would enquire about everything and would add his findings in his poem.
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