What if Summary Analysis and Explanation

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What if Summary Analysis and Explanation By Rudyard Kipling

About the poet Rudyard Kipling

Poet Name Rudyard Kipling
Born 30 December 1865, Mumbai
Died 18 January 1936, London, United Kingdom
Poems If -, The White Man’s Burden, Mandalay, Gunga Din
Short stories Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, The Man Who Would Be King
Rudyard Kipling - what if summary analysis and explanation class 6
Rudyard Kipling

What if Summary of the Poem

The inquisitive mind of a child is getting insecure and it starts having strange thoughts and ideas. The baseless questions never get a befitting reply unless one reaches a maturity.

The hyper active mind of a child needs to work on one or other work. The child was lying when various thoughts come to his mind. These questions kept him busy the whole night. His worries were baseless.

He has apprehension he is the most dumb child in the school or what will happen if the swimming pool is closed. What if he is hurt or what if somebody pours poison in his cup. He is anxious about crying or fall sick to the stage that leads to death.

There may be the possibility of failing the test or growing green hair on his chest. The imaginary questions falls back on his mind. He imagines the chances of lightning flashing on him. He wanted to grow tall and had a weird imagination of becoming smaller.

His chief concern about his parents was what if they get, divorced. What will happen if a war starts or the bus comes late? His aspiration to dance and fly a kite bothers him. His looks seem to be a matter of concern for him. What will happen if his teeth don’t go straight?

The child becomes involved with other activities during the day until the fall of the night which reignites his inquiring mind.
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