What Happened to the Reptiles Summary

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What Happened to the Reptiles Summary

What Happened to the Reptiles Introduction

The lesson insists on the harmonious way of life. People could be of different caste, color, creed yet they should co-exist. No society completes without different kinds of people who are always interdependent.

Generally, they realize it late when the loss becomes repairable. Then it doesn’t do much good, the decisions should be checked from time to time. One should not leave his place even if they are compelled to.

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary of the Lesson

The narrator shared his personal experience. He had to flee from his native village because of the communal clash. He traveled through various places and faced hardships. On reaching Pambupatti, he fainted.

He narrated that the village was inhabited by many kinds of people following their own religions. He was looked after by an old man, who fed him with his own hands, rubbed his feet. Neighbors also visited him often.

One day he asked the grandfather about the peaceful coexistence of different religions which was unusual to him. He told him that in his village, the communal clashes were a constant feature.

In response to the query of the narrator, the old man told him a story and reiterate that he should go back to his own village.

The story went on like this. Very very long ago, there were no animals in Pambhupatti except reptiles. They had a leader ‘Makara’, who chaired the monthly meeting of all kinds of reptiles like excited snakes, thoughtful tortoises, clever lizards, moody crocodiles.

Makara was the biggest crocodile, and being powerful, he had a command over others.

One day, he sent a letter to the tortoise to vacate the place. He delivered a speech against them and every other reptile supported that. He further added that the tortoise is slow and stupid. And if they leave, everyone would have more food, water and space.

He gave them one week’s time to leave.

Initially, everyone was happy. Soon, the filthy smell was all around in the air because only tortoise feed on that waste.

Later, Makara issued an order for snakes to leave the forest, as they could move fast, they were given a day to vacate the place.

Naga, the head of the snakes pleaded, but Makara snapped everybody as the snakes were threat to the life of other reptiles. He argued that snakes were slimy and made funny noises.

After a few weeks, their absence was realized as rats were grown in number and were creating a ruckus all over the place. They ate up eggs of lizards and crocodiles and even Makara’s own nest was not spared.

All these events couldn’t stop Makara to take another disastrous step. He wanted crocodiles to own the whole jungle by throwing lizards away. The pathetic reason he gave was that the lizard change their colour.

To please Makara, crocodiles clapped and welcomed the idea. Soon it followed the threat to themselves. Frogs and Rats were growing beyond control. They did somersaults on the backs of crocodiles. They were fearless and some even ate baby crocodiles. Things get worsen with each passing day.

The opposition of Makara was witnessed, although it was just a squeaky voice. Yet it was enough for everyone to realise the real worth of Makara. They sent messages to all reptiles to return back to the jungle again for peaceful coexistence. The forest was back to normal.

By telling the story, the grandfather convinced him that every one should stick together for rebuilding what has been damaged.
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