Trees Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Trees Summary Analysis and Explanation By Joyce Kilmer

About the Poet Joyce Kilmer

Poet Name Joyce Kilmer
Born 6 December 1886, New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Died 30 July 1918, Syringes-et-Nesles, France
Spouse Aline Murray Kilmer (m. 1908–1918)
Joyce Kilmer - short summary of the poem trees class 7
Joyce Kilmer

Trees Summary of the Poem

The poet exuberantly discusses the benefits directly and indirectly bestowed upon us. Yet do we appreciate and value them. They don’t as in return for the selfless sew ice that they rendered. The poet aims at counting benefits so as to make the reader compass mate and thoughtful enough.

The opening lines show the availability of trees for birds, who are generally taken as free-willed organisms. So the poet says trees are for birds, children. One uses parts of a tree to make houses to live in.

Children make a swing and enjoy. The wind blows through trees. Children play hide and seek around the trees. They providing hideouts for the children. Trees provide relief from the scorching heat of summer and tea parties are arranged under the shade.

Kites entangle in branches of trees. Leaves fall in autumn and make it barren so it provides sunny relief in chilling winters. Various fruits are it apple or pear grow on trees.

Still, it is cut to get timber for further usage in different ways. Considerate and nature lovers, like a mother, appreciate the view and term it is a lovely picture.

It encourages them to paint to make that moment stationary for a father who has to clean the ground take it as a source of rubbish as falling of trees marries the beauty of the surrounding. Yet it is very useful for it can be used as manure and fertilizer.
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