The Wonder Called Sleep Summary

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The Wonder Called Sleep Summary

The Wonder Called Sleep Introduction

The lesson provides information about sleep. The impact of sleep on body and efficiency in working is discussed. Dreams help in sleep even in noise and disturbance.

The Wonder Called Sleep Summary of the Lesson

Sleep is a state of rest, where the body recovers from fatigue. One becomes alert and active again. Dreams help us with sound sleep. When we sleep our body relaxes.

The deeper the sleep is, the more muscle is relaxed. Heartbeat slows down, temperature and blood pressure goes down too when we take rest. And everything becomes normal again when we wake up.

The dream is an activity of the mind when we fall asleep. Dreams help to sleep through noise or other disturbances. Doctors think that dreams may be due to problems prevailing in one’s life. And if interpreted correctly they may help in finding a solution to that persisting problem.

The poet describes that sleep takes us away from everything, nothing can stop from entering into the world of dreams. Sleep is a healer in every sense.
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