The Tiny Teacher Summary

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The Tiny Teacher Summary

The Tiny Teacher Introduction

The writer writes about ‘ants’ the tiniest creature. He describes about the habits and habitats of ants. Ants lead exemplary life for humans in particular. The responsible, dedicated and societal discipline of ants can bring social reforms.

The Tiny Teacher Summary of the Lesson

Ant is one of the smallest but the wisest insect. Ants communicate with each other through antennae. There are many kinds of ants; the most common of them all are black and red ones.

They live in anthills with hundreds of little rooms and others are used as a nursery for the young ones. Workers who spend their time searching for food have their own separate quarters, soldiers are placed in separate barracks and there is a separate storeroom.

The queen lives for about fifteen years. It has a pair of wings. She bites off her wings after its wedding flight. She goes in the air on a summer day to mate with a male ant. She lays an egg off and gets rid of its wings. Thus she is the mother of the entire population.

Grubs come out of eggs. Workers look after them. Soldiers guard them. Later grubs become cocoons, without food or activity for at least three weeks. Then, perfect ants appear from the cocoons. Ants then get training trained from old ants.

Beetles, greenfly also reside in anthills because some of them smell pleasant, others give sweet juices, and few of them are pets. Greenfly gives honeydew and it is called as ant’s cow.

Ants can teach human being hard work, sense of duty, discipline, cleanliness, loyalty, etc.
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