The Story of Cricket Summary

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The Story of Cricket Summary

The Story of Cricket Introduction

Sports and especially cricket is the most favorite hobby of children in general. The lesson gives a brief description of a historical perspective. The emergence of the present-day games is slow and steady progress that kept in pace with the time.

Sport is an integral part of a healthy life, it brings discipline, competitive, spiritual leadership, community feeling, and improves health altogether. The history of its origin is informative and interesting to the readers.

The Story of Cricket Part 1 Summary of the Lesson

Cricket was played in England about 500 years ago. It has evolved with time. It became distinct by the ‘ seventeenth century. By the middle of the 18th century, bats were similar to the hockey sticks. That shape gave batman a chance to contact the ball.

Playing cricket match for five day’s make it different from various games. Be it a football match that takes about an hour and a half or baseball with a limited over the match, cricket match still takes the double-time.

The length of the pitch in cricket ground must be 22 yards irrespective of the shape or size of the ground. However, the special dimension of the playing area is laid in other team sports.

Grounds can be oval as in Adelaide circular like Chepank in Chennai. Melbourne Cricket ground is bigger than Feroz Shah Kotla ground in Delhi.

Laws of cricket were written in 1744 stating that two umpires shall decide all disputes. The stumps must be 22 inches high and the bail to be of six inches. The size of the ball must be between 5 to six ounces.

The world’s first cricket club was formed in Hambledon in the 1760s and in 1787 in the Marylebone cricket club. Bowlers gave variation to bowling after 1770.

The curved bat was replaced with the straight one and the width of the bat was fixed to 4”, the weight of the ball was fixed from 5 to 5 ounces. In 1774, the first leg before the law was published, a third stump was also common. In 1780, the length of a match was fixed to there days and the creation of the first six – seam cricket ball was witnessed.

Cricket’s tools are mostly national and handmade. But it was made of leather, twine, and cork. Now its handle is made of cane and blade is made of willow. Technological changes were witnessed in pads, gloves and later helmets, etc.

The Story of Cricket Part 2 Summary of the Lesson

Indian Cricket was initiated in Bombay by Zoroastrians, the Parsis. They were trading with the British and were thus westernized. They founded the first Oriented Cricket Club in Bombay in 1848.

White cricket elite prejudiced with Parsi cricketer, so they built their own gymkhana to play cricket. They succeeded in defeating the Bombay Gymkhana in 1889.

In the memories of Cricket fans, those who play for the country remains. C.K. Nayudu was an outstanding Indian Batsman of his time whereas others are forgotten. He was the country’s first test captain. Before independence, 1877, test cricket was contested between different parts of the British empire.

The Story of Cricket Part 3 Summary of the Lesson

Cricket viewership is enlarged and further expanded from city to small towns and villages. Satellite TV has enabled its worldwide reach and multinational T.V. companies to put in their efforts. India has the largest viewership for cricket, thus changes in various policies took place.

The game has transformed gradually paid professionals, popularity of one day game, change in commerce are technology are a few remarkable changes that took place as the game evolved with time.
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