The Squirrel Summary Explanation Analysis and Explanation

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The Squirrel Summary Poem Analysis and Explanation

Poet Name Mildred Bowers Armstrong
Born November 11, 1930
Died February 20, 2017 (aged 86)
Nationality  American
Awards National Medal of Science (1990), IEEE Founders Medal (2004) More
Mildred Bowers Armstrong - The Squirrel Summary Class 7
Mildred Bowers Armstrong

The Squirrel Summary of the Poem

The poet observes the appearance and movements of a squirrel. The playfulness and swift movements attract the attention of the poet who dedicated the poem to a creature of nature.

The colour of the squirrel is grey with darker stripes. Its tails roll about like a question mark. It eats nuts and sits straight. The action of a squirrel displays its naughtiness and its beautiful nature. It is very shy too and goes away if anyone plays around it.
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