The Snake Trying Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Snake Trying Summary Line By Line Analysis and Explanation

About the Poet W.W.E. Ross
William Wrightson Eustace Ross (1894-1966) was a Canadian geophysicist and poet. He was the first published poet in Canada to write Imagist poetry, and later the first to write surrealist verse, both of which have led some to call him “the first modern Canadian poet.”  During his lifetime, he published privately two small books, Laconics, and Sonnets.

W.W.E. Ross - the snake trying class 9 summary

Poet Name
W.W.E. Ross
Born 14 June 1894, Peterborough, Canada
Died 26 August 1966, Toronto, Canada
Albums Six Toronto Poets
Education University of Toronto – St. George Campus

Short Summary of The Snake Trying in English

The Snake Trying Introduction

In this poem, the poet is trying to convince the reader that all snakes are not poisonous. Some of them are quite harmless and therefore it is foolish to attack and then kill a snake as soon as we see it. Even if a snake is poisonous, it will do us no harm unless it sees danger from us. Here, the snake itself becomes a victim of human unkind attitude towards it.

Short Summary of The Snake Trying in English

The Snake Trying Summary of the Poem in English

This is a beautiful poem about a snake. One day, while lying on the bank of a river or a pond, the snake is seen by someone and is run after by him with a stick. Seeing its life in danger, the snake tries to escape from the approaching stick.

It runs with sudden curves in its thin, long body. The poet gets fascinated with its graceful movements. The snake glides through the water to save itself from the stroke.

The poet is filled with sympathy for the creature and makes a request to the pursuer not to disturb it. He asks him to let the snake go without hurting it. He says that it is a small, green snake and is harmless even to children.

But the pursuer does not listen to the poet’s request. He keeps on chasing the snake who ultimately disappears in the ripples among the green slim reeds. Rhyme scheme used in the poem: There is no rhyme scheme in the poem. It is written in free verse.

The Snake Trying Summary of the Poem in English

FAQs on The Snake Trying Summary

Question 1.
what is the theme of The Poem The Snake Trying

The poem is based on the theme of prevention of cruelty towards animals.

Question 2.
What is The Snake Trying Poem Poetic Devices

The poet uses the literary device of personification – he treats the snake as a normal person.

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