The School Boy Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The School Boy Summary Analysis and Explanation By William Blake

About the Poet William Blake

Poet Name William Blake
Born 28 November 1757, Soho, London, United Kingdom
Died 12 August 1827, London, United Kingdom
Artworks The Ancient of Days, Newton, Nebuchadnezzar
Poems The Tyger, London, The Lamb
William Blake - The School Boy Summary Analysis and Explanation Class 8
William Blake

The School Boy Introduction

William Blake was an English poet, painter, and printmaker. He was born in 28 November 1757 Soho, London. Largely unrecognized during his lifetime, Blake is now considered a seminal figure in the history of the poetry and visual arts of the Romantic Age.

The poet raises a sensitive issue. A happy childhood helps to build a confident young man who could serve the society in a productive way. In the poem, the boy loves to wake up to see the summer mornings.

The sound of the birds singing and the huntsman’s horn are both pleasant. The school, however, took away with it the joy that summer mornings carried. He would spend his days in anxiety, depriving him of pleasure which is neither in books nor in lectures.

A child like a caged bird who cannot be happy by living in constant fear. Depriving the children of the joy would be to doom them to a life of everlasting sorrow.

The School Boy Introduction

The School Boy Summary of the Poem in English

It is the poem about a schoolboy who is not a happy child; he compares himself with the bird that lives in a cage. The schoolboy loves to rise in summer morning and to enjoy the singing of chirping bird.

Boy loves to entertain himself by the company of hunter who blows his clarion from a distance field and sweet lullabies of the skylark. According to the boy, a school is a place where all his happiness and joy pulls away.

He got tired with the rules of teachers and direct supervision on him. He has to control himself to enjoy the pleasure of summer and to spend hours in the garden where he can learn new things in better ways because he has to spend his whole hours in schooling.

In the cage, a bird cannot sing a sweet song, similarly, a child if remained under the umbrella of annoying fear and tension, the skepticism of his teacher can never enjoy the natural instincts of joy and playfulness.

In the last stanza, he tried to make understand his parents that if a child is picked up and he can’t get proper care then he could not grow in nature plant. The parent should also understand their fault. Depriving the child of joy and freedom means a world without spring. In the absence of a happy child, we shall have a winter of sorrow.

The School Boy Summary