The Quarrel Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Quarrel Summary Analysis and Explanation By Eleanor Farjeon

About the Poet Eleanor Farjeon

Poet Name Eleanor Farjeon.
Born 13 February 1881, Strand, London, United Kingdom
Died 5 June 1965, Hampstead, London, United Kingdom
Genre Classical
Albums David Hobson & Teddy Tahu Rhodes
Awards Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing, Carnegie Medal, Regina Medal
Eleanor Farjeon - the quarrel summary analysis and explanation class 6
Eleanor Farjeon

The Quarrel Poem Summary In English

The poem is about the relationship between siblings. They fight with each other for petty things. But in difficult times, they are inseparable.

The poetess wrote about her unpleasant relationship with her brother. She was unaware of the reasons for their fights. From one thing to another the quarrel started, but when it ended it was very violent and strong she knew that his brother was wrong.

The relationship between them was not at all cordial until one afternoon he patted on her back to give up all differences. He did not want to continue the fight anymore.

He admitted his faults. The poetess agreed to him for the first time. The poem ends with an affirmation in the strength of the relationship between the siblings.

The Quarrel Poem Summary In English
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