The Proposal Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Proposal Summary Analysis and Explanation By Anton Chekhov

About the Poet Anton Chekhov

Poet Name Anton Chekhov
Born 29 January 1860, Taganrog, Russia
Died 15 July 1904, Badenweiler, Germany
Short stories The Chameleon, The Man in a Case, Ionych, Misery
Movies The Orchard, The Seagull, Uncle Vanya
Anton Chekhov - the proposal summary analysis and explanation class 10
Anton Chekhov

The Proposal Summary of the Lesson

Characters and places

  • Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov – a landowner
  • Natalya Stepanovna – his daughter aged twenty – five
  • Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov – a neighbor of Chubukov, a landowner
  • Oxen Meadows – a debatable topic between Natalya and Lomov.
  • Burnt Marshland of Chubukov
  • Birchwoods – woods of Chubukov
  • Nastasya Mihailovna – younger aunt of Lomov
  • Dog Guess – dog of Lomov
  • Mironov – a person from whom dog Guess was purchased
  • Squeezer – dog of Chubukov.

Arrival of Lomov with some proposal : Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov is sitting in his drawing-room. There enters Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov. He is well dressed. So Chubukov rises to greet him. He has come to request him for something. Chubukov thinks that he will ask for some money. But Lomov does not answer him clearly. Chubukov asks him to be clear in his aim. He requests that he has come to ask the hand of his daughter Natalaya Stepanovna in marriage. Chubukov becomes happy and embraces Lomov. He gives his blessings as well. Chubukov goes to call Natalaya. Lomov is alone. He starts thinking about himself, his age and heart palpitations, etc.

The Proposal Summary

Arrival of Natalaya and her discussion with Lomov : Natalaya arrives and both have a discussion. Lomov is excited and he tells that he has made up his mind to ask her to hear him out in brief. He tells that Lomov and the Chubukov have remained friendly. His Oxen Meadows touch her birchwoods. Immediately Natalaya interferes that they have been the owners of the Oxen Meadows. Lomov points out that they have been his and are in between the birchwoods and the Burnt Marsh.

Debate over Oxen Meadows : Ivan tells that she is mistaken over it. She can see from the documents that Oxen Meadows remained the subjects of dispute once but everyone knows that these belong to Lomov now. She must know that his aunt’s grandmother gave the free use of these Meadows to the peasants who belonged to her (Natalaya) father’s grandfather on the condition that they were to prepare bricks for the aunt.

Those peasants went on using it for the last forty years and became habitual to call them their own. But Natalaya calls it a silly idea. Lomov tells that he can show the documents. Natalaya’s view point—Natalaya tells that they have been using the land for nearly three hundred years. She cannot believe his story. These Meadows are worth perhaps 300 roubles and she will not tolerate this unfairness. She tells that she cannot understand about aunts, grandfather and grandmother but the Meadows belong to Chubukovs. She will not give anything of her.

Lomov tells that he is acting on principle. If she likes, he can present them. Natalaya tells that she can make a present of them herself. She has thought them a good neighbour and a fine friend. But he has been behaving as if they were gypsies. Lomov tells that he is not a land grabber. He will never allow anyone to blame like this but Oxen Meadows are his. Thus, there starts a heated debate between the two. There is much noise.

The Proposal Summary of the Lesson

Arrival of Chubukov and his views : Hearing their noise, Chubukov enters and asks why they have been shouting. Natalaya asks her father to tell Lomov that the Oxen Meadows belong to them. Lomov requests him to be a reasonable man. These Meadows were given by his aunt’s grandmother for the temporary and free use of his (Chubukov’s) grandfather’s peasants. They have been using for the last forty years and become accustomed to call them their own. Chubukov did not agree but he pointed out that the Meadows were in dispute.

Lomov told that he could prove that these were his. Calling him his dear one, Chubukov told that he could even give up the Meadows to the peasants than to him (Lomov). Lomov pointed out that he (Chubukov) had no right to give away somebody else’s property. Chubukov requested him to speak politely and calmly. These words enraged Lomov and he told that he was not fool to call his land theirs (Chubukov’s). He called him a grabber. Natalaya told that these Oxen Meadows won’t be given up.

Threatening by Lomov : Lomov threatened that he would go to the court and show them the reality.

Chubukov blamed the family of Chubukov for various reasons.

Lomov goes to the door and Chubukov warns him never to set foot in his house again. Natalaya calls Lomov a rascal and monster, etc. Chubukov called him a blind hen who had come to make a proposal. Chubukov told that he had come to propose to her.

Wailing of Natalaya : Hearing these words, Natalaya falls into an easy chair and wails. She calls to bring Lomov back immediately since she is dying. She starts wailing. Chubukov runs to bring Lomov back. There enters Lomov. Seeing him coming back, Chubukov tells Natalaya that she will talk to him herself. Then Chubukov leaves the house.

Talk of Lomov and Natalaya : Lomov tells that his heart is palpitating and soon Natalya feels sorry and tells that the Oxen Meadows have been the property of Lomov’s. She requests him to sit down and talk something else. Then Lomov tells that his dog Guess has gone lame. His leg must have been bitten by some other dog.

He purchased it for 125 roubles from Mironov. Natalaya tells that her father purchased Squeezer for 85 roubles. Lomov tells that her Squeezers is better than Guess but he is overshot i.e., a bad hunter. Even its lower jaw is shorter than the upper. Both discuss more facts about these dogs. Natalaya said that Squeezer is a hundred times better then the silly Guess. Immediately Lomov told not to discuss such facts as his heart was palpitating. There enters Chubukov and asks what has been the matter?

Natalaya asks her father which is the better one : Squeezer or Guess?

Chubukov’s pleading : Chubukov told that it was no use arguing and blaming. In between Lomov tells that his foot has gone to sleep. Natalaya too points out that her heart is under trouble. So many other talks go on but Lomov falls into an arm chair. A doctor is called for. Natalaya asks her father what has happened to Lomov. She too falls into an armchair and calls for a doctor.

Chubukov is deeply troubled. Natalaya wails and tells that Lomov is dead. Suddenly Lomov moves and drinks some water. Chubukov tells them to get married very soon. He puts Lomov’s hand into his daughter’s. She is smiling. He gives them his blessings. He asks them to kiss each other. They kiss each other. Natalaya says that she is happy. Chubukov tells that he is free from a heavy weight on his shoulders. Chubukov advises them to start their family. He blesses them.

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