The Kite Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Kite Summary Analysis and Explanation By Harry Behn

About the Poet Harry Behn

Poet Name Harry Behn
Born 24 September 1898, Arizona, United States
Died 6 September 1973, Greenwich, Connecticut, United States
Spouse Alice Lawrence
Movies Proud Flesh, The Racket, The Big Parade, The Crowd
Harry Behn - the kite summary analysis and explanation class 6
Harry Behn

The Kite Summary of the Poem

The poet is fascinated by kite flying in the blue sky. It dips and dives. Its tail moves along with it.

It reaches high as the ship moves on waves in water. It moves as goes the wind. Reaching to a certain height, it falls back again. The wind is the driving force of a kite. When the string of kite gets loose, it needs to be rolled back, to fly again in the sky.

The happiness has no limits when a new kite is fluttering in the skies.

An unbearable sight for a kite lover is to see the kite in tatters. The sound of flapping of the kite on the top of a tree is very disheartening

The Kite Summary of the Poem

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