The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Summary Analysis and Explanation By Eleanor Estes

About the Author Eleanor Estes

Poet Name Eleanor Estes
Born 9 May 1906, West Haven, Connecticut, United States
Died 15 July 1988, Hamden, Connecticut, United States
Awards John Newbery Medal
Education Pratt Institute School of Information, West Haven High School, Pratt Institute
Eleanor Estes - The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Summary Class 10
Eleanor Estes

The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Summary of the Lesson

Miss Mason received a letter from Wanda’s father. She read it for the class. Wanda’s father had informed Miss Mason that Wanda would not come to the school any more. They were moving to big city where nobody would ask Wanda about her funny name.

The entire class got tensed and they felt bad about Wanda. Maddie could not concentrate on her studies. She had a sick feeling. She felt that she was a coward and never stopped Peggy from making fun of Wanda. She wanted to meet Wanda and say that she had not meant to hurt her feelings. She made up her mind to go to her house and tell Wanda that she had won the contest and her hundred dresses were beautiful.

When school was dismissed Peggy and Maddie went to Boggins Heights. On the way Peggy said that she never called Wanda a foreigner or made fun of her name. She never thought that Wanda had the sense to know they were making fun of her.

Peggy thought that Wanda was too dumb. Maddie said nothing. She just wanted to meet Wanda and tell her that they were sorry for their rude treatment. She wanted to request her not to move away. Both the girls found her house but could not meet Wanda as her family had already left the place.

They came back. Peggy tried to defend her behavior by saying that if she had not asked Wanda about her dresses she would not have got the ideas for her drawings. But Maddie was not satisfied. She could not sleep that night.

Now Maddie decided that she would not keep quiet if someone teased anybody about their funny names. Even if it meant losing Peggy’s friendship. She had no way of making things right with Wanda, but now she would never make anybody else that unhappy again.

On Saturday, both Peggy and Maddie wrote a friendly letter to Wanda telling her that she had won the contest. They signed it with lots of X’s for love and mailed to Boggins Heights. Days passed but there was no answer from Wanda. Peggy had begun to forget the whole business and Maddie put herself to sleep at night making speeches about Wanda.

It was Christmas time when Miss Mason received a letter from Wanda. Wanda had written that the girls could keep those hundred dresses because in her new house she had hundred new ones. She had gifted special drawings to Peggy and Maddie. They accepted the drawings and pinned them in their bedrooms.

Maddie was missing her too much. Tears blurred her eyes and she gazed for a long time at the picture. She found that the face in the drawing looked like her. She was excited to see that Wanda had made that drawing specially for her. She ran to Peggy’s house and saw her drawing too.

Peggy was also happy to see that the face and head of the drawing looked like her. Peggy consoled herself by saying that Wanda really liked them. Maddie agreed and blinked away the tears that come every time she thought of Wanda Petronski.

The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Summary

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