The Great Stone Face 2 Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Great Stone Face 2 Summary Analysis and Explanation By Nathaniel Hawthorne

Poet Name Nathaniel Hawthorne
Born 4 July 1804, Salem, Massachusetts, United States
Died 19 May 1864, Plymouth, New Hampshire, United States
Short stories Young Goodman Brown, The Birth-Mark
Movies The Scarlet Letter, Twice-Told Tales
Nathaniel Hawthorne - the great stone face 2 summary questions and answers
Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Great Stone Face Introduction

A classic piece of American fiction juxtaposing mellowness of humanism with the magnificence of art. Ernest, an unschooled dweller of the valley, has a close affinity with the ‘Stone Face’ atop the hills.

He resembles the splendid Stone Face – not someone for all his wealth, not someone else for all his heroic deeds, and not someone else yet again for his poetry and sublime ideas. It is none other than Ernest who personifies a rare blend of basic simplicity, practical wisdom and deep love for humanity.

The Great Stone Face 2

The Great Stone Face 2 Summary of the Lesson

Ernest still lived in his native valley. He was very simple and kind-hearted man. He always worked for the noble cause and betterment of the world. He was rich in thought and humble for the ordinary people.

With the passage of time, he became old. He became famous all over the world due to his thoughts. People came from a distant place to meet and see him. A new poet grew up on earth while Earnest ways growing old.

The poet was a native of Ernest valley and stayed miles away from the valley for a long time. The poet heard about Ernest’s character.

One day, he came to meet him at his door. Ernest was reading a book and glancing lovingly at the mountain from time to time. The poet stayed at Ernest’s home for a night.

The Great Stone Face looked like the poet. But the poet felt that Ernest is kind, gentle and wise. Ernest used to talk with his neighbor every evening. The poet felt that Ernest’s poetry is of the nobler kind than his own poems. Just then the poet saw Great Stone Face.

He declared that Ernest’s face resembles with a great stone face and everyone in the village agrees with him. Ernest still hopes that someone wiser than him would appear sometime, bearing a resemblance to the Great Stone Face.

The Great Stone Face 2 Summary