The Friendly Mongoose Summary

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The Friendly Mongoose Summary

The Friendly Mongoose Introduction

The story shows the contrast between the loyalty of animals and fickle-minded human beings. The human beings are so whimsical that they act wrong and regret later.

The Friendly Mongoose Summary of the Lesson

Once a farmer and his wife lived in a village with their son. They planned to have a pet who can be a companion for their child. Then one day the farmer brought home a baby mongoose.

In a few months, the baby mongoose grew to be a fully developed mongoose with a bushy tail. One day the wife had to leave for the market and she asked her husband to look after the child as she could not trust mongoose.

The farmer assured her that she should not be afraid of mongoose as it was very friendly animal and would not hurt the child. The wife moved away and the farmer decided to look after the fields and went away too. While coming back home, he met his friends.

When the farmer’s wife returned home with a heavy bag of groceries. She saw blood smeared mongoose waiting for her at the gate. In a fit of rage she forcefully threw the bag on the head of the mongoose and killed it.

She ran inside crying for the baby, she observed a snake killed near the cradle. Now, she realized her mistake and was full of remorse but nothing could be done.
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