The Fight Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Fight Summary Analysis and Explanation By Norman Mailer

About the author Norman Mailer

Poet Name Norman Mailer
Born 31 January 1923, Long Branch, New Jersey, United States
Died 10 November 2007, The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, United States
Spouse Norris Church Mailer (m. 1980–2007)
Movies The Executioner’s Song, Maidstone, Town Bloody Hall
Norman Mailer - the fight summary analysis and explanation class 8
Norman Mailer

The Fight Introduction

The lesson tells a story of two boys who were fighting with each other for dominance and became friendly after resolving their differences. Mutual respect and understanding for each other brought them together.

The Fight Part 1 Summary of the Lesson in English

Ranji live in a town in Rajputana desert. Ranji was new to the place in Rajpur. He roamed around in the semi hill station and the nearby forest. His schools were closed.

He did not have friends as yet, so he preferred to take a look at the surroundings. The season was hot, with dry and parched earth, brown and dry grass lifeless trees. Everything came to a standstill and waiting for the cool breeze. Ranji wore vest and shorts.

‘One day, Ranji found a small stream in the forest. The water was clear with pebbles at the bottom of the pool. It was not rushing stream as it was watered during monsoon.

The small stream made a pool in the rocks. He was fascinated by the clear water and jumped into it. He was thin and dark. He belonged to an area where only sticky, muddy pools where buffaloes bathe and women washed clothes.

His fondness for swimming did not die. Even the next day, he remained in the water for sometime and rested at a smooth yellow rock in the shade of sal trees and kept on doing this.

He was observed by another boy observing him in an unfriendly way. He was older, to Ranji. Ranji overlooked him until the boy asked about his identification.

Ranji did not expect the unfriendly behaviour of the boy. Still he invited him to swim along. The boy rejected his offer and claimed the pool to be his. The boy tried to scare a way him and stood in a commanding position.

He said that he was a warrior. To which Ranji replied that he was a fighter. He kept on intimidating Ranji who was unwilling to Surrender. That led them to fight about.

Initially they tried to scare each other away. The boy punched hard on Ranji’s face waking him dizzy. They started hitting each other hard and then hold each other’s neck. They tumbled over each other.

They were exhausted still no one wanted to surrender before other. Then they put on their clothes and decided to continue the dual the next day.

The Fight Part 2 Summary of the Lesson in English

Ranji tried to hide his bruises from his mother but failed to do so. His mother asked him to stay at home for the rest of the day. But he managed to slip away and enjoyed lemonade and jalebis.

There he came across his opponent again but refused to acknowledge his presence. The boy still tried to scare away him.

The next day, Ranji was rather reluctant to fight as he was tired and exhausted. Yet he was not ready to give up before his adversary. His body was aware of being defeated still wanted to take up the challenge. He wanted to retain his respect and dignity. Also he did not want to give up his ownership on the pool.

His efforts not to get scared wasted when he saw his opponent standing. He was rubbing oil on his body standing on a rock on the other ride of the pool. He threw the challenge which was accepted by Ranji.

He asked him to come by swimming across the pool. He thought that Ranji would pant for breath without knowing the expertise of him in swimming.

Ranji took off his vest and jumped into the pool by stretching his hand. He dived straight into the water and surfaced without a splash. The boy was fascinated by his dive and asked him to teach him diving.

Ranji told him that it was easy by stretching arms and allowing the head to displace his feet. The boy tried but failed miserably. He landed flat on his belly with a splash with crashing sound that scared away the birds.

He was asked to practice more. He was also astonished to see that Ranji could swim under water. Ranji supported him in every failed effort. They made a pact that Ranji would teach him swimming and the boy won’t scare him away.

He revealed his name and also asked about his strength by stretching out his muscles. Ranji was glad to know his name and also appreciated his built.

He declared that one day he would be a pahalwan. He invited him to have food with him and also offered to teach him to be like him. He asked if he could teach him to dive and swim underwater.

Ranji was apprehensive initially yet agreed upon the pact. Suraj showed his honest friendship by putting across his arm around. Ranji responded well to his gesture.

Suraj declared that the pool belonged to both of them. Suraj was rejoicing that moment because he was emerged as the winner.