The Enemy Summary in English by Pearl S. Buck

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The Enemy Summary in English by Pearl S. Buck

The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck About the Author

Pearl S. Buck (26 June 1892 – 6 March 1973) was an American writer and novelist. She is also known by her Chinese name Sai Zhenzhu. In 1932, she won Pulitzer Prize for her novel ‘The Good Earth’. She was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature (1938) for her rich and truly epic description of peasants’ life in China and for her biographical masterpieces. She was a prominent advocate of the rights of women and the minority groups.

Author Name Pearl S. Buck
Born 26 June 1892, Hillsboro, West Virginia, United States
Died 6 March 1973, Danby, Vermont, United States
Movies The Good Earth, Pavilion of Women, Dragon Seed, Satan Never Sleeps, China Sky, China: The Roots of Madness, Guide
Awards Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize in Literature
Nationality ‎American
Pearl S. Buck - the enemy summary in english class 12
Pearl S. Buck

The Enemy Theme

The story deals with the conflict between a man’s duty towards the state and to his own conscience. In fact, the story raises questions about ethics of a human being at the time of war. Dr. Sadao has been brought up in the traditional and patriotic environment. He dislikes the Americans. But, at the same time, he is a doctor and cannot let the American prisoner of war bleed to death. The story condemns racial discrimination and hails the superiority of humanity above any other consideration.

The Enemy Summary in English

The story is set in the times of World War II. Dr. Sadao is a Japanese doctor who is an expert surgeon and scientist. He finds an American prisoner of war, at his threshold, who is bleeding and on the verge of death. Initially, Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana think of throwing the unconscious man back into the sea but cannot do so. Finally, they bring him home. Dr. Sadao operates upon him with the help of his wife. They both have to face the protests of the servants as they refuse to clean the man and leave in protest.

The man starts recovering slowly. One day, Dr. Sadao has to go to see the General. Dr. Sadao, while treating the General, tells him about the American in his house. The General promises to send his personal assassins to quietly kill the American. Dr. Sadao does not tell his wife about this plan and keeps on waiting for the assassins for three nights. But they do not turn up.

By this time, the American has recovered. Now Dr. Sadao decides to send him to an unguarded island in the sea. He gives him a boat, a torch, lots of food and water and a flashlight. He instructs him to stay on that island and wait for a Korean boat. He also tells him to signal him two flashes if he runs out of food before he takes a boat.

Dr. Sadao is again called by the General and this time, he has to be operated upon. Dr. Sadao tells the General that the American has escaped. The General keeps quiet about all this. Finally, Dr. Sadao does not see any flash of light and realises that the prisoner has escaped safely.

The Enemy Summary in English

Character Sketch of Dr. Sadao in The Enemy

Dr. Sadao: Dr. Sadao was a Japanese surgeon and scientist. He was brought up by his father, a staunch Japanese, devoted to his culture. Dr. Sadao became a skillful doctor and scientist to fulfill his father’s wishes. His father sent him to America to study medicine. He wanted him to study for the benefit of his country. Dr. Sadao didn’t even marry Hana without his father’s approval. He was so skilled that the General was totally dependent on him. The General had blind faith in him as a skillful and expert surgeon.

Dr. Sadao was a loving husband and a good father. He consulted and respected his wife. He was worried about the future of his kids in case he was arrested. He was meticulous and finally found out a middle path. He felt happy to save the life of the American and to secure his and his family’s future too.

Character Sketch of Dr. Sadao in The Enemy

Character Sketch of Hana in The Enemy

Hana: Hana is an ideal wife, mother and a true Japanese, She is patriotic and humanitarian with a compassionate heart. She supports her husband in keeping with his decisions. Though she does not like the idea of saving the enemy, i.e. the American prisoner of war, she cannot neglect that before being an enemy, he is a human being first. She is a dignified lady who carries herself in a very controlled way without sacrificing her dignity when the servants refuse to continue their services and defy her orders. Like any caring mother, she is worried about the future of her children in case Dr. Sadao is arrested for keeping the American in his house. Despite being worried, tensed and scared, she never loses her cool.

Character Sketch of Tom in The Enemy

Tom—The American POW: Tom was the American prisoner of war, who was shot and had escaped. Dr. Sadao found him on the shore outside his house in a wretched condition. He had a deep wound and bled a lot. He might have had to face torture, pain, and suffering. Dr. Sadao saved his life by operating upon him and taking out the bullet. Tom displayed a fighting spirit which was evident from his speedy recovery. He was surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of Dr. Sadao and Hana. He didn’t want to leave their house as he felt secure there. Finally with the help of Dr. Sadao, he was able to escape.

Character Sketch of General in The Enemy

The General: The General is the Japan’s Army General. He is Dr. Sadao’s patient. He is old and ailing and has faith only in Dr. Sadao for treatment. That is one of the reasons that Dr. Sadao is not sent abroad with the Japanese army. The General himself has been at Princeton and has more faith in the doctor trained in America than in Germany as, according to him, Americans had sentiments but Germans were cruel. He assures Dr. Sadao of help in getting rid of the American soldier but due to his self-absorption in his ailment, he forgets. When Dr. Sadao tell him about the escape of the white man, he takes the blame on himself and saves Dr. Sadao. The General knows the worth of Dr. Sadao as a surgeon and as a scientist does not want to lose him so protects him.

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