The Duck and the Kangaroo Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Duck and the Kangaroo Summary Analysis and Explanation

About the Poet Edward Lear
Edward Lear (1812-1888) was an English artist, illustrator, author, and poet, renowned today primarily for his literary nonsense, in poetry and prose, and especially his limericks, a form that he popularised.  Mention Edward Lear and most people with a love of poetry will think of limericks and nonsense prose that bring a smile to the lips.

Edward Lear - The Duck and the Kangaroo Summary Analysis and Explanation

Poet Name
Edward Lear
Born 12 May 1812, Holloway, United Kingdom
Died 29 January 1888, Sanremo, Italy
At Works Masada on the Dead Sea, Campagna di Roma
On view Yale Center for British Art, National Gallery of Art
Period Romanticism

The Duck and the Kangaroo Introduction

The Duck and the Kangaroo is a famous humorous poem by Edward Lear, widely known as the writer of an original kind of nonsense verse and as the populariser of the limerick. This poem is in the form of a dialogue between a Duck and a Kangaroo. The Duck wants to be able to jump around in the world like the Kangaroo. So, he asks the Kangaroo to take him on its back for a ride around the world. The Kangaroo has some objections but finally fulfills his friend’s wishes.

The Duck and the Kangaroo Summary of the Poem

The poem begins with a sweet conversation between a Duck and a Kangaroo. The Duck feels sorry for himself as his own life is a bore and he has already spent a lot of time in the nasty pond. He has a great desire to take a round of the world but unfortunately never got an opportunity to do so. One day, he requests the Kangaroo to allow him to sit on the top of his tail and have a tour of the world.

The Kangaroo thinks about the Duck’s proposal deeply. He has an objection to his request because the Duck’s feet are wet and cold from water which may cause him rheumatism. The Duck assures the Kangaroo that nothing would happen like this as he has already bought four pairs of fine, smooth socks to put on while sitting on his (Kangaroo’s) back for the ride.

Besides he has bought a cloak to protect himself from the cold and he would smoke a cigar every day. Finally, the Kangaroo agrees to the Duck’s proposal and allows him a ride on his back. Both start their happy journey and hop the world thrice. The poet says that there is no one so happy like the Duck and the Kangaroo.
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