The Adventures of Toto Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Adventures of Toto Summary Analysis and Explanation in English

About the Poet Ruskin Bond
Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent. He lives with his adopted family in Landour, Mussoorie, India. He is an Indian author of British descent. He is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children’s authors and a top novelist. He prolifically authored inspiring children’s books and was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award to honor his work of literature.

Ruskin Bond - The Adventure of Toto Class 9 Summary

Poet Name Ruskin Bond
Born 19 May 1934 (age 85 years), Kasauli
Education Bishop Cotton School Shimla (1950)
Awards Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan
Parents Aubrey Bond, Edith Clarke

The Adventure of Toto Short Summary In English

The Adventures of Toto Introduction
The Adventures of Toto is an amusing story by Ruskin Bond highlighting the antics of a mischievous monkey. The narrator’s Grandfather was fond of animals. One day he bought a baby monkey from a tonga driver and named it Toto.

He wanted Toto because he had already possessed several animals, big and small such as I tortoise, squirrel, a pair of rabbits and a goat. But he didn’t have a monkey. He loved Toto too much. Slowly I and steadily the monkey grew mischievous and began to create troubles. Finally, Grandfather sold it to the tonga driver.

The Adventures of Toto Summary

The Adventures of Toto Summary of the Lesson

The narrator’s Grandfather was very fond of animals. He had a nice collection of animals such as a tortoise, a tame squirrel, a pair of rabbits and a goat. But he didn’t have a monkey. So, one day, he bought a baby monkey from a tonga-driver and named it Toto. Toto’s arrival not only gladdened him but also enriched his private zoo.

Toto was an attractive monkey with sparkling eyes and pearl white teeth. He would take special delight in scaring elderly Anglo-Indian ladies. His tail added to his good look, and also served as a third hand. Since Grandmother did not have any interest in animals, she never welcomed grandfather with a new bird or animal in the house.

So, it was decided that Toto’s presence should be kept a secret until Grandmother was in a good mood.

Toto was temporarily kept in a little closet opening into the narrator’s bedroom wall, where he was tied securely to a peg fastened into the wall. Being mischievous by nature, Toto began to create a nuisance from the very first day. He removed the ornamental wallpaper, pulled out the peg and tore off the narrator’s blazer. Grandfather was quite happy to see Toto’s performance.

Toto was now transferred to a big cage in the servants’ quarters where Grandfather’s other animals lived together. But Toto would create troubles for them. He did not let them sleep peacefully. His pernicious activities were increasing day by day.

So when Grandfather had to go to Saharanpur to collect his pension, he carried Toto with him in a big black canvas kit-bag. Since there was no opening in the bag to allow his hands or face to come out, he would often jump inside the bag, making the bag roll about on the floor of the Dehradun railway platform.

On reaching Saharanpur Toto was caught by the ticket-collector who classified him as a dog so that Grandfather had to pay for his (Toto’s) fare.

Toto was finally accepted by the Grandmother. He was then shifted to the stable, where Nana, the family donkey lived. But Toto continued teasing her as a result of which they could never become friends.

Toto loved to take bath in hot water in winter. One day, he nearly succeeded in boiling himself alive by jumping in a large kitchen kettle that had been left on the fire to boil for tea. It was Grandmother who came to his rescue and saved him.

Toto continued his antics by tearing clothes to shreds, breaking plated and other utensils. Everyone in the family got fed up with his mischievous activities. Even Grandfather began to think seriously about him. And finally he took a hard decision to get rid of the monkey. He found the tonga-driver and sold Toto back to him for only three rupees.

The Adventures of Toto

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