Tansen Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Tansen Summary Analysis and Explanation

About the author Tansen

Author Name Tansen
Born Gwalior
Died 26 April 1586, Agra
Full Name Ramtanu Pandey
Books Tashrih-ul-moosiqui: Persian Translation of Tansen’s Original Work “Budh Prakash”
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Tansen Introduction

Tansen was the courtier of Akbar. He was known for his extraordinary talent in music. He was a keen observer and learnt from nature. When he was grappled in a life-threatening situation, he opted for a solution without blaming the wrongdoers.

Tansen Summary of the Lesson

Mukunda Misra and his wife blessed to have greatest musician Tansen as their child. He was an expert observer of nature. He learnt sounds of birds and animals and imitated them.

Once Swami Haridas was travelling with his disciple through the forest. They were frightened by Tansen as he roared like a lion to scare them. Swami Haridas asked them not to be afraid of the tigers and they are not always dangerous.

When they were looking out of the roaring tiger, they found Tansen. Instead of punishing him Swami Haridas took him to his father. He asked to take Tansen as his disciple because he felt that he could make him a good singer.

At the age of ten, he left home and learnt music for eleven years. He became a famous singer. His father had a last wish for Tansen to visit Mohammad Ghaus where he used to visit. On his visit to Gwalior, Tansen was often taken to the court of Rani Mrignaini, who was also a great musician.

There he met Hussaini another disciple of Swami Haridas and got married to her.

Tansen’s children also learnt music. Later he joined the court of Emperor Akbar, who was impressed by his ‘ talent. He became his favourite and later became a target of jealous courtiers.

They pledged to ruin him. Shaukat Mian had a plan to make him sing Raga Deepak as it bums the singer to ashes.

They convinced Akbar to challenge the singer to sing. As Tansen could not refuse but knew the consequence. He was worried, so he talked to his wife who advised him to prepare and train their daughter’s to sing Raga Megha to counter the burning impact of Raga Deepak.

On the appointed day, when Tansen started singing. Raga Deepak, the air became warm. Trees, animals, birds and the gathering were affected by it. Finally the lamp were lighted. Realising the disastrous fate, both Saraswati and Rupawati started singing for the rains to downpour.

Thus Tansen was saved by his daughters. Realising the wrong done to Tansen, Akbar punished jealous courtiers for causing danger to his life. Tansen recovered and Akbar made him his court’s singer. Tansen composed several new ragas and rested peacefully in Gwalior in the year 1585.
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