Polythene Bag Poem Summary in English and Hindi by Durga Prasad Panda

Polythene Bag Poem Summary in English and Hindi. Polythene Bag Poem is Written by Durga Prasad Panda. Learncram.com has provided Polythene Bag Poem Objective Questions and Answers, Poem Analysis, Meaning in Hindi, Line by Line Explanation, Themes, Figures of Speech, Critical Appreciation, Central Idea, Poetic Devices.

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Polythene Bag Poem Summary in English and Hindi by Durga Prasad Panda

Polythene Bag Poem By Durga Prasad Panda About the Poet

The poet Durga Prasad Panda is an Oriya Poet. He writes poems in English. He also translates Oriya poems in English and English Poems in Oriya. His famous works are ‘Sawarani’ and ‘Rays’.

Polythene Bag Poem Written By Durga Prasad Panda Introduction

In his poem ‘Polythene Bag’ the poet Durga Prasad Panda tells us about the polythene bag which has evil effects on the environment. The poet shows an unavoidable correlation between human emotion and a worthless thing like a polythene bag.

Polythene Bag Poem Summary in English

‘Hurt’ is such a strange polythene bag that never gets destroyed. It makes a squeaky noise when it is touched. It gives out a poisonous smell when it is burnt. It only pollutes the environment. Just with a little warmth the ‘hurt’ also melts down like the polythene bag.

The germs of disease grow deep inside the garbage bin which nobody sees.

The polythene bag lies buried inside the bin. The trouble caused by the ‘hurt’ comes back every now and then.

Polythene Bag Poem Summary in Hindi

‘हर्ट’ एक ऐसी विचित्र पॉलीथिन का थैला है जो कभी नष्ट नहीं होता। छूने पर यह किकियाने जैसी आवाज करता है और जलाने पर यह एक विषैली गंध छोड़ता है।

यह पर्यावरण को प्रदूषित करता रहता है । कूड़ेदान में नीचे जहाँ पॉलीथिन के थैले पड़े रहते हैं वहाँ रोग के कीटाणु उत्पन्न होते रहते हैं।