Poets and Pancakes Summary in English by Asokamitran

Poets and Pancakes Summary in English and Hindi Pdf. Poets and Pancakes are written by Asokamitran.

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Poets and Pancakes Summary in English by Asokamitran

Poets and Pancakes by Asokamitran About the Author

Asokamitran (22 September 1931-23 March 2017) was a famous Tamil writer and Sahitya Akademi, winner. He was one of the few writers who wrote fluently in both Tamil and English. In a career spanning over six decades, he wrote 8 novels, 20 novellas and hundreds of short stories, on a wide range of issues.

He spent the initial years of his career in the famous Gemini Studios of Chennai. Although he was entrusted with the clerical task of cutting and pasting newspaper articles, he learned a lot about the functioning of Gemini Studios, which he humorously depicted in his autobiographical book My Years with Boss.

Author Name Asokamitran
Born 22 September 1931, Secunderabad
Died 23 March 2017, Chennai
Books The Eighteenth Parallel, Manacarovar, Tannir
Movies Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum
Awards Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil Writers
Asokamitran - poets and pancakes summary in english class 12

Poets and Pancakes Theme

‘Poets and Pancakes’ fondly remembers the glorious Gemini Studios which was the hub of activity for all the people associated with films. It is a sarcastic and humorous depiction of the various people who visited the place. The extract is autobiographical in nature and subtly hints at the changes brought in by the passage of time.

The author has used an easy and conversational style to sketch the humorous image of what went on at the studio. The entire extract is marked by subtle satire, a gorgeous undercurrent of humour and an engrossing portrayal of people who thrive despite hardships. The story focuses on the many aspects of contemporary life and on human situations and tendencies.

Poets and Pancakes

Poets and Pancakes Summary in English

The story is based on the functioning of the Gemini Studios during its years of glory. The title ‘Poets and Pancakes’ refers to poets who were scriptwriters at the studio and also to a brand of make-up ‘pancake’ that was liberally used. The author’s job in the studio was to cut newspaper clippings on various topics and maintain a file of the same. The author provides the reader with a glimpse of Independent India in its infancy.

The author first talks about the make-up department and the hierarchy that existed within this department. While the chief make-up man dealt with the lead actors, his subordinates were entrusted with all the side actors. He makes fun of the trouble that the artists took to look ugly and the pain they underwent under the glare of the big light bulbs.

He talks about the office boy who is actually a grown-up man of forty years who once aspired to be a director but blames Subbu (the number 2 in the studio) for his current state of affairs.

The author praises Kothamangalam Subbu, the number two in Gemini Studio. He is an all-rounder and very loyal to the boss. He is credited with the success of Gemini Studios.

Another character that comes into focus at the studio is the legal advisor, who wears Western clothes among the rest of the Khadi clad gentry. He tells about the manner in which the legal advisor ruins the career of a talented actress unwittingly. The author talks about the importance that Gemini Studios enjoyed in those days as some of the most prominent poets of the country worked there. Moreover, he talks about the impact foreign drama had on the art directors of Gemini Studios.

When Frank Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament Army performed at the Gemini Studios, it greatly impressed the Tamil drama community who emulated their style of drama in several movies. Gemini Studios was one of the few in Madras to host foreign visitors and poets like Stephen Spender delivered lectures over there. At that time in India, the educated folk took pride in showing their support for Communism and Gemini Studios was no exception.

Poets and Pancakes Summary

What is the summary of Poets and Pancakes?

The story “Poets and Pancakes” is a passage from Asokamitran’s book “My Years with Boss”. Asokamitran talks about his days at the Gemini Studio. The Gemini Studio produced many films, which impacted the aspect of Indian life. Here Asokamitran talks about a trendy make-up brand named Pancake.

What is the moral of the story Poets and Pancakes?

Asokamitran addresses Gemini Studios throughout this lesson. He references ‘Pancakes’ which is the popular brand of make-up purchased by Gemini Studios in truckloads. As per him, the make-up unit were using loads and loads of make-up to create them into nasty-looking humans.

What is the theme of poet and Pancakes?

Answer: Explanation: The theme of the prose is basically set around personalities and events that used to take place in Gemini Studios where the author used to work when Indian Cinema was still an infant as an industry.

What does Asokamitran write about in the story Poets and Pancakes?

The writer tells about poets who used to wear khadi and believed that Communists were monster^. He even tells about legal adviser who had been the member of the story department. He was at odds in the department and lost his job with the closure of story department.

What was the work of writer in the lesson poets and pancakes?

He was talking about the thrills and travails of an English poet to a dazed audience. Finally, neither the Englishman himself nor his audience understood why they were going through the entire ordeal. Answer: The author’s job was to cut out newspaper clippings on a wide variety of subjects and store them in files.

What was pancake where was it used?

What was Pancake and what was it used for? Pancake was the brand name of the make-up material. Truck loads of it were brought to the Gemini Studios in Madras. Such a favourite brand was used by the actors and actresses all over the world.

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