Jalebis Part 2 Summary

Jalebis Part 2 Summary

Jalebis Introduction

It’s a story of a boy who had a passion for devouring jalebis, a sweet. He had money to pay for his school fees. His temptation overtook his reason and he surrendered. But his inability to arrange money for the fee. He waited for a miracle to happen but nothing works out for him. In later years, he attained knowledge that ‘there is a reason behind everything that happens’.

Jalebis Part 2 Summary of the Lesson

When he was about to start eating, he saw Tonga of Chachajaan, returning from court. Afraid of disclosure of his act, he ran into a gali and started eating jalebis. He ate beyond his limits. He was approached by neighborhood boys.

He shared his remaining jalebis with them. That generosity attracted more children, he then went to halwai to buy more jalebis to distribute amongst the left-outs. He felt elated like a Governor who dis-tribute & do charity to the poor.

He was approached by children, beggars, he felt so elated. He realized that the presence of the crowd could ensure his success in the election if he ever tried for it. The demand for jalebis was rising, so he again spent the remaining two rupees to buy jalebis.

After distributing jalebis, he cleaned himself as if nothing had happened. He was, again and again, burping as he was full. He had to have dinner otherwise his deed would have been caught.

That day, he could not sleep because of the stomach ache. He mocked at himself that if he had swallowed too much of jalebis, his words would come out as jalebis.

Next morning was a refreshing and normal one. He picked up his chalk and slate. He pacified himself by saying that he would repay the fee by the scholarship amount. He generally get on scheduled time.

However, he was shocked when he learned that his scholarship would be paid in the following month. Later the teacher declared he would collect the fee amount in the recess.

Burdened with his guilt, he picked up his bag and moved out of the school. He was depressed and prayed to God as he knew that God could be his savior and only hope. He promised that he would never eat jalebis. Lost in his thoughts he reached the point where the Kambelpur railway station began.

His elders had warned him never to cross the railway tracks. He sat under a tree and was remorseful because he had violated the commands of elders. He was almost on the verge of a breakdown.

He prayed to God and admitted his mistake. Tired and hopeless he left for home. On the way jalebiwala again asked him for jalebi. But he moved on quietly. Next day, instead of going to school, he sat under the same tree at the railway station.

He pleaded to God to send him a coin but he was apprehensive too. He wanted God to hide the money under a stone. He took the last chance and reached the stone and found a worm under it.

He thought that he would pray harder or decided to make a deal with him. When he reached home, his absence from school was revealed to his family. He kept on wondering why Allah did not help him. Until he was in class seventh or eighth standard; he realized the truth and became rational in approach.