Jalebis Part 1 Summary

Jalebis Part 1 Summary

Jalebis Introduction

It’s a story of a boy who had a passion for devouring jalebis, a sweet. He had money to pay for his school fees. His temptation overtook his reason and he surrendered. But his inability to arrange money for the fee. He waited for a miracle to happen but nothing works out for him. In later years, he attained knowledge that ‘there is a reason behind everything that happens’.

Jalebis Part 1 Summary of the Lesson

The narrator shares his anecdote when he was in fifth standard studying in a govt, school in Atak. He was given four rupees to pay the school fees to his teacher Master Ghulam Mohammed. But due to his absence, he had to return with the money.

When he was on his way, he heard the coins speaking which was nothing but a playful child’s mind. He tried to convince himself with logic and sensible approach that coins won’t talk. But the logic failed, his other mind spoke about fresh jalebis that are meant to be eaten and only money could buy it for him.

However, his honesty and obedience to his elders contradict the temptation and the voice of coins. He reprimanded coins and said that looking at things was not good because he was getting so much at home.

Secondly, it was his fees he couldn’t spend it on other things. He feared God. Thirdly the teacher might punish him severely without any considerations.

The coins disliked his logic and hesitations. He got conscious as the coins were making noise by rustling with each other. He held them tightly. After a few steps, he loosened his grip.

One coin complained that he was strangulating them for speaking in his favor. It advised him to pay the fee amount by the scholarship amount that he was going to get every month.

The coin reiterated that Jalebis are delicacies full of sweet syrup, on listening to that, the boy was tempted for some time. Then he recalled his elegance and prestige he had earned in his school.

He won a scholarship four rupees a month and his family was the respectable one. He did not want to be punished for jalebis, so again his head won over his heart.

He reached his home and ate well. But surrendering to his home and ate well. But surrendering to his temptation, he ran towards the bazaar and bought jalebis of one rupee. The halwai gave him a packet of jalebis wrapped in a newspaper.